Random Christmas Pics


This Christmas felt rushed since Thanksgiving was late, and of course TGWAAHOTY happened, then we were leaving for Arkansas on the 16th. But we were thankful for time to spend with friends from out of town, decorate the house, squeeze in a shopping trip here and there, attend parties, and make pretzel candies.

For the past several years Max and Mini have helped make these treats (pretzel, hershey kiss, m&m) for Jordana and Anna (their birthmoms, respectively). We love doing it together and sending the boxes off to Colorado. Who knew this would become such a tradition, but we think it’s really fun.


In the rush, we didn’t do a Jesse Tree this year. Nor did we keep up with the advent calendar. I felt spread too thin, that’s all. Of course, I felt horribly guilty over the missed opportunities I wasn’t orchestrating.


One night, as I was grabbing stuff from the fridge to throw dinner together, I noticed the rest of the house got quiet and dark. I went into the living room to investigate, and watched Mini as she was singing a worship song and playing with the nativity set. Her wonderful discovery of an LED candle in a junk drawer led her to set this up on the couch.



I paused and asked myself, Who do I think I am? Who is the real orchestrator, after all?



On a sillier note. This boy. Isn’t that a great picture of him? He has the best laugh. I just wanted to throw this picture in here.



And I just thought I’d throw this one in, too. We loved getting to spend time with Galion in Arkansas!





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