Christmas Catch-Up

In early December, our homeschool group went to a nursing home to perform some songs and spread some cheer. Mini sang with the choir (from our co-op) and practiced singing Christmas songs along with the CD since September. The kindergarteners were so cute to watch as they sang their hearts out.



Max wasn’t performing or reading in the program, but he came to support his sister and friends (not that he had any choice whether or not to come, it just sounds nice that way). 

But he participated in a special way, nonetheless. We made some cards to hand out after the performance. Anytime Max can make a card with a comic strip telling a joke, sign him up. Just one card, thank you, and it will be in pencil, but he’ll do it willingly.

He decided to give it to a lady on staff at the nursing home, saying he wanted her to feel appreciated. I thought that was sweet.

Speaking of sweet,


My mom joined us for the performance, then treated us for lunch. We went to Cheeburger, Cheeburger, which is becoming a family favorite.


Mini, who loves some carrots with her ranch, was pretty happy that Grammy was there for her choir performance.


It was certainly a nice way to start the Christmas season!


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