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Christmas 2013 Quiz

1. True or False? I haven’t exercised since November 5th.

False. I exercised last night. But it was the first time since November 5th.

2. True or False? I found the buttercream in the box of See’s assorted chocolates.

False. Mike was the one who found it AGAIN this year. We get a box from Mike’s dad every year, it’s a wonderful tradition that I hope never, ever stops for as long as we live. There are no assorted chocolates that even come close to the deliciousness of See’s. But, for some reason, See’s includes only one milk chocolate with buttercream and they don’t provide a map or a legend. And they seem to mix the order every year, so game on.

And, Lord knows I tried to find that buttercream. On Christmas Eve I was up late into the night wrapping presents, and it became my mission to find that buttercream. Four chocolates at 1:00 a.m. seem to be my limit, though, which I guess is a good thing since I hadn’t exercised since Nov. 5th. But, dang. I lost our game. He found it on Christmas Day. Mike shared, but it was the most pathetic share ever. 

Google just informed me that See’s sells a 1 lb box of chocolate buttercreams. JUST BUTTERCREAMS. I did not know that. 


That could be some useful information to my husband.


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