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Adoption Day

Mini decided on taking us to IHOP for her Adoption Day and, I’ve got to say, it was so sweet how excited she got over pancakes for dinner.


Max was the only one who didn’t order brinner. He got his old standby, the cheeseburger. We let him order a full size bacon burger and he finished it along with his Dr. Pepper with pride. These days he acts so utterly embarrassed to order from the children’s menu, and certainly doesn’t want to order something like pancakes. 

But he is not embarrassed to tell the waitress that we were out celebrating his sister’s Adoption Day, so that was cool. Our waitress was really nice, and I enjoyed watching how he carried the conversation. When I complimented him on that, he said “well, I’m really good at it.”

I’m thankful for two confident kids. I was so incredibly shy when I was younger.


She is the BEST at Cattle Drive, just so you know.


What a fun night as a family.

Happy Adoption Day!


3 thoughts on “Adoption Day

  1. What a wonderful evening celebrating Mini!! Love having confident kids!! and for the record my son no longer thinks it is cool to order from the “kids menu” either!! But…I figure I would rather let him eat a full meal and not be hungry when he leaves the restaurant than walking out the door and saying, “I’m still hungry!!” Gosh, these boys sure do have big appetites!

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