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TGWAAHOTY stands for The Greatest Week-and-a-Half of the Year. I made it up, but there is an official pronunciation for it. It is pronounced “tah-GWAH-tee.” It’s been firmly decided that the last “o” is silent. I’m here to help, don’t be afraid to ask.

From the end of November to the beginning of December, our family has a lot of celebrations. Mike’s birthday, our anniversary, my birthday, and Mini’s adoption day. Add Thanksgiving and you just don’t even remember what a normal week-and-a-half feels like.

It’s a lot of lot. Maybe that’s why TGWAAHOTY 2013 started off rather low-key this year. I cooked most meals (not typical TGWAAHOTY) at home. Mike had a lot of studying to do, too, and our youth retreats ended right as TGWAAHOTY began.

For Mike’s birthday, we went out to lunch immediately after I came home from our Jr. High retreat. So, in other words, I was barely awake for it. Then Mike went back to the office to study and I took a 4 hour nap. I think I made cheese and crackers for dinner that night. Or something fancy like that.

But for my birthday (on Tuesday), it seemed like we saved up all our TGWAAHOTY energy for one big, awesome day together. We bought Caps tickets for the four of us. This was Mini’s first game and she was so excited!

In the early afternoon, we made the trek downtown to my last doctor’s appointment for my thyroid. Everything looks great! It may take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years for the scar to fade, but I’m healing as expected.


The weather was gorgeous and we had time to spend in DC before the game. The sun was shining and we took off our jackets as we walked down to Dupont Circle to get back on the Metro. The kids loved the idea of going to the zoo.




We did so much walking even with taking the metro, but they were such good sports. The zoo had a special Winter Lights thing going on, too, so that was fun and festive.


We didn’t ooh and ahh over the lights, as you can see. Much too interested in seeing the lions and gorillas. Sadly, the panda exhibit was closed because little Bao Bao is still being cared for by Mama in private.

We got back on the Metro, ate dinner at a favorite – Fuddruckers (where we had a communication breakdown with the cashier and got two two-third pound burgers instead of two third-pound ones…woah, that’s a big difference). It was fun to eat at a place filled with lots of happy, family-friendly fans and Max loves those Coke machines that have a million choices.

We arrived early at the arena and watched the team warm up on the ice. Mike texted a birthday message to be shown on the big screen. I thought that was pretty sweet of him and he posted it on Facebook – my friends swooned over it!


Hockey games are so much fun, but the Caps played awful so we left early to beat the crowd (don’t boo us, they were losing 4-1). Besides, there were important things to think about on the long Metro ride home. With much regret, I’d been waiting all day for some kind of birthday cake or something sweet. As we got closer to home, I began dreaming up ideas of where we should go before going home. Krispy Kreme was calling our names. 🙂


And that’s how my birthday ended – at 10:30 p.m. with my kids singing Happy Birthday to me as they ate bright green icing on a glazed donut and I ate a freshly-made red velvet one. Have you tried the red velvet donuts?? Yum yum.

Next up? Mini’s adoption day – postponed one day due to having Awana last night. She didn’t mind at all, she kinda loves the build-up (haha I wonder why?!). Our family tradition for Adoption Days has always been to do a special family outing, and she has asked if we could go out to dinner tonight. I think that means either McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A.

Topping off another wonderful TGWAAHOTY in high style. I love it.


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