17 Years

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Look at those kids. He is barely past his 24th birthday. She, three days shy of her 22nd. They were young, in love, and set on building their lives together, literally.

He liked her eyes and loved her sensitivity. She was crazy about his boy-next-door good looks, confidence, and sense of humor that always made her laugh.

We knew then that we were total opposites, and OH how charming it was. He loved my sensitivity because together we balanced each other out. I loved his confidence because I viewed life through the lens of insecurity. We gave what the other needed. A perfect match.

We’re opposites in personality, as well. Over the years we learned how the differences can lose some of its charm. Mike is logical and thinks in black and white. Picture me as a colorful ball of yarn of feelings. He’s a saver, I’m a spender. He tends to be neat, I tend to be messy. He takes things step-by-step, I jump in (or decide quickly not to even bother). He’s never in a hurry, I’m always rushed. When he cooks, he cleans the kitchen first. When I start to cook, I’m lucky to have unloaded half the groceries from the car.

Of course, as I’m not perfect, neither is he. But he is my perfect match. Not because of who we were when we got married 17 years ago, but who we are becoming. As we’ve grown in our own relationship with the Lord and as we’ve weathered some hard times together and stayed committed, we’re a better match as a couple now than ever.


Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. The time when Max was in the hospital came up in conversation, and I told Mike something I guess I hadn’t told him before. Not because I was keeping it to myself or anything, it’s just one of those things I’ve held onto semi-privately.

It was my idea that Mike and I take turns staying overnight at the hospital with Max. Everyone was preparing us for a long marathon of days/weeks of supporting him as a patient with meningoencephalitis. We were so scared and nothing was certain. When I went home the day after the most emotionally and physically intense period of time at Max’s side, I came home to witness something that gave me total peace. Mike’s Bible was open in front of his seat at our kitchen table.

It’s a small thing but a huge thing. That’s where he went, how he spent his time. Visuals are such a big deal to me, God wired me like that. And I’ll never forget that visual of the man I married.



7 thoughts on “17 Years

  1. oh sweet girl how you blessed me with this blog. I have always thought Mike was perfect gift from God. I prayed for him ,I couldn’t wait for him to be born, I have always cherished every minute I have had with him. Now to have his wonderful family in my life is such an added blessing. I love the tenderness you have ,and how you find good in everyone. Your children are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing and making me smile this morning. I love you all.

    1. Love you, too, Aunt Nancy!! Thank you for those words, and I know how much Mike means to you. You are incredibly loved, too, by all of us and especially our kids! They think you are SO fun. I don’t think there’s any doubt that you’d give your whole heart and life for anyone in your family, you have the biggest heart!

  2. Oh Anna! That was beautifully written! You are a perfectly matched for another and it is a blessing to have the two of you (along with your adorable kids) in our family’s life! Happy Anniversary.

  3. Congratulations. We hit 11 years at the end of this month and I am so grateful for my husband. I especially love the last three paragraphs of this post. They are precious and I can see why you held tight to them for so long. Blessings to you and your husband!

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