Let the Christmas Fun Begin

With much anticipation, the boxes came down from the attic. Taken to the living room in a hurry, lids flew open, tissue paper tossed about, favorite ornaments found. And I breathed into a paper bag. The kids were VERY helpful this year putting up the tree.

My hard-working, happy, hyper, laughing, lovable elves…






A mixture of handmade ornaments and ones we’ve received as gifts make up for 99% of our ornaments. I’ve only bought one package of small colorful balls, that’s it.



The handmade ones with pictures on them (from MDO) are my favorite. I remember how proud they were to give them to me.




We received two or three duplicates of this ornament when we got married. Our anniversary is tomorrow – 17 years together!



I made this wreath at a MOPS event a few years ago. It’s a little “big” and “glittery” for Mike’s taste so he always asks if I am going to put it on the front door again. I smile and he hands it down to me from the attic, anyway. I love that.


Mike’s mom has given us so many of our ornaments, and each has a very special meaning. The kids love this adoption one.



This, unquestionably, is one of Mini’s favorite ornaments. At first, Ariel had a prime spot on the tree, front and center.


The cookies were being made for a Thanksgiving dinner with friends, but they were there to console me over broken ornaments, too. The kids’ excitement and mis-handling had natural consequences, and I re-discovered two broken ones I had placed in a Ziploc bag a year ago, due to MY carelessness. I fell into the tree one December evening of 2012 when I was working out to a Jillian Michaels dvd in the living room, and the entire tree came down! I had forgotten.

Lots of grace…and lots of cookies.

Let the Christmas fun begin!



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