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I Hope You Like the Color Orange

One of my dreams in life came true last week. Both kids were simultaneously willing to have pictures taken while the fall colors were at their peak.

We walked in our neighborhood, stopped at a picnic table, the crooked tree we’ve always called our own, and the playground. Both of them were such good sports. Their payday was a single snack-size bag of m&m’s, which totally worked because it was the day before they went Trick-or-Treating and figured out there was an easier way to get them.

My kids make me smile. I hope they make you smile, too. And I really hope you don’t have an aversion to the colors orange, burgundy, and gold. Or sequined foxes, fuzzy caterpillars, or fedoras.

All of the above are in abundance here. But I can’t resist sharing all.

Happy Fall!




















2 thoughts on “I Hope You Like the Color Orange

    1. The kids were in the best mood, too. I love having happy memories of the day associated with these pictures. I think they’ll always be some of my favorites.
      btw, thanks Ann for the comment! You are the best at taking time to leave them (while I’m the worst doing it anymore). Thanks, friend. Love keeping up with you on FB, too.

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