Our day started out with a trip to the party store to buy glitter eye shadow and a crown for Ariel. How I managed to escape the crazy that is a party store during Halloween ALL season except for on the busiest day, I’ll never know. That place was packed. Fortunately, we found what we were looking for plus we got a bucket full of trinkets and treasures for Mini.



I thought ahead and imagined what the end of the night would look like for her with her nut allergy. Yay – look at all this candy you got!!!! Now let me take 1/3 away because it’s manufactured in a facility that may contain nuts. Boo.

I could easily just buy a bag of Skittles or Starburst or Tootsie Rolls to replace all of those candy bars, but knowing she loves party favors, this idea was a winner. I asked her if she wanted to buy some treats to exchange her “nut candy” with and she agreed it was a fabulous idea. Her face lit up. Just a little something to look forward to on a day that I envisioned might end with hurt feelings.


Who me? Listen, Mom. I got me a blinged out pumpkin shirt, OJ from Panera, an entire bag of goldfish because you were running late to take Max to his writing class and didn’t have time to put a snack in a Ziploc. On top of that, I got a pink bucket of party favors PLUS we all know there are gonna be some plain m&m’s, tootsie pops, and Skittles that are coming my way, too!

Trust me. I’m good.

She didn’t even know she would get to help me make cupcakes, too!

Halloween was such a blast this year. I want it to be fun in little ways, but not produce spoiled and ungrateful kids in the end. You know? That’s always the goal.

After we picked up Max from his class, we went home to finish school, eat lunch, and make candy corn cupcakes (here on Mix and Match Mama). They were fun!






There is a layer of yellow and a layer of orange cake to look like a candy corn. We didn’t top them with the candy, which would have been even cuter, but the fine glitter dust from Wilton was put to good use.

When Mike came home from work, he was ready to carve the pumpkin. This year the kids were so invested in the last-minute needs of their costume they didn’t want to help at all. While he carved, I made a wig look just-right on a head, applied glitter make-up and lipstick, went over hair gel technique, drew a goatee with my good eyeliner, safety-pinned a dress that was too long, stopped to admire the kids’ front door decorations and creepy spiders made out of black pipe cleaners, and made sure some kind of dinner was on the table. It was a whirlwind of activity, no wonder I’m so tired tonight!

But we got out the door at the same time the first trick-or-treaters arrived (always so important for some reason), took pictures, and walked around the neighborhood. Grammy came over to hand out candy from our doorstep and at the end of the night, when all the candy was dumped, sorted, and traded-in for a Hello Kitty pencil or Minnie Mouse pad of paper, we decided it was one of the best Halloweens we’ve ever had.



DSC_0398 - Version 2

DSC_0401 DSC_0403




DSC_0223 DSC_0225

(those last two pics were taken prior to the big day. Max wore his mask to Awana last night and kinda rolled over on top of it. So he went with the idea to be Tony Stark instead of straight-up Iron Man. I think that was a great idea, he looked pretty cool in his goatee!)











2 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Pretty convincing Tony Stark, Jr. Mini looks fabulous as a redhead! πŸ™‚ I just hung up the phone from talking to that adorable redheaded princess mermaid. Love, love, love her!

    1. Yay, I’m glad you got to talk to her on the phone! She has been asking to talk to Audrey all day to wish her a happy birthday!

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