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Organization? It’s Not In My Personality.

The other day I saw this on a friend’s Facebook and thought it was pretty interesting.



I’m Luke Skywalker (INFP) and I’m married to Owen Lars (ISTJ). Weird!

I had to laugh when I read the description for Mike. He does like things to be nice and orderly. His desk at work is neat (and boring!) and his “office” in the middle of our basement is neat and tidy, even though it’s surrounded by chaos. At home, he uses a 6 foot folding table as a desk and it’s the perfect length and height. Enough room to spread his books out. The arms of his comfortably large swiveled chair fit perfectly underneath. Practicality over aesthetics any day of the week, thankyouverymuch.

I am the opposite – surprise, surprise!  Sure, I’d love for someone else to make my work area nice and orderly, and I love thinking about the possibilities of being organized, but I don’t have time to de-clutter myself when other things should take priority! I’m loyal to my piles, post-its, and scatter-brained bulletin board.

So, Mike’s personality comes through in his space. My tendencies are definitely displayed in mine. Now, the kitchen cabinets? They’re an area of major compromise.

Compromise is key for a good marriage, right?

There’s this:



And then there’s this:


The condition of this cabinet is at my limit, it is. I re-organize it every 3-4 weeks. But until then, I just throw the tupperware and Glad containers willy-nilly. This is something that has never come up in conversation. I just thought about it tonight as I was looking for the lettuce keeper (and found it right away, thank you). I wonder if Mike even knows about this?!

What’s your Star Wars personality?


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