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More Catch-Up

This will be sort of a phone and camera dump. I wasn’t sure where to even begin since I haven’t blogged in over a week. Let’s start with the most recent pic.


Tonight we took the kiddos to Baskin-Robbins to redeem gift cards that came in the mail for them. They were so excited! Anna’s mom is THE BEST at remembering all of the holidays and sending a little something special in the mail. When I tell friends about Mini’s birth family, their interest always reminds me how blessed we are with our open adoptions. Not only do they send cards and care packages to Mini, but also to her big bro. Max’s birthmom, too – they always make the sibling feel special. Blessed, we are.


This past week my recovery found me so tired in the afternoon and not coping very well with the stress I was under. We had carryout quite a bit. Thankful for the generosity of friends who gave us gift cards, my people ate something besides old romaine lettuce for dinner. We also took full advantage when the Capitals scored four goals in their games, which gave us a half-price deal at Papa John’s. We ordered PJ’s twice since my surgery and got 50% off (but could’ve used the deal four times! Go Caps!)

All that to say…funny story. Mini drank a sip of Orange Crush and the carbonation was strong. She made us laugh out loud when she blinked fast and said, “Whew! This drink gives me the tears!”

Then, once she knew she had an audience, she added, “When you start cryin’, you gotta stop drinkin'”

She knows she’s funny. It’s good advice, though, right?!


We ate at Subway one day (of course) and she got a special treat at CVS beforehand. She had been a good sport when a mom served cupcakes to all the kids at the playground (I wasn’t there and I don’t know if I have that story straight) but big picture: she couldn’t have one because of her nut allergy. And she handled it SO well.

So I took her out the next day and she was intrigued by the Tiny Size Chiclet pack. I explained how they are candy and gum, too, and it was all very new and exciting!

Speaking of new and exciting,


Look what our friend at church made for us! It’s an early Christmas present and yes and thank you. We’ve been eating these wedge by wedge for four days. It’s been glorious.

I’m almost fooled into thinking it’s Christmas.

Until, I drive down my street.


I love, love, love this sight. The leaves have been turning vibrant reds and golds all around us. I am so happy. We bought our townhouse in the Fall of 1999, so this time of year always makes me feel nostalgic as I drive down this road.

I have to share this Fall-themed and tasty bit of awesome with you.


My mom sent us an Edibles arrangement that just hit the spot. Perfect sentiment. Perfect timing. I was having a really hard day and the doorbell rang. So thankful.


IMG_20131019_101816 IMG_20131019_101507

Mini had been at a birthday party and it was my first going-out errand since surgery. I got dressed, I did my make-up and hair. When I arrived at my friend’s home, I just lost it. I bawled in her kitchen and felt so bad. She’s such a good friend, maybe that’s why. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I went home and Mike picked Mini up a couple of hours later and brought home a big, HUGE piece of chocolate cake for me. 🙂

The next few days were more of the same emotional craziness, it was tough. I’m doing much better now.

In fact, Tuesday seemed to be a turning-point for me.


I had a follow-up with the surgeon on Tuesday. Mike and I rode the Metro downtown, walked a few blocks to the doctor’s office, received a good report (pathology results were negative, incision is healing fine, etc), and took time to stop at Starbucks before heading back. The weather was beautiful and being downtown felt romantic. It was a nice time, just the two of us.

The recovery, plus all of the stress I was under for 3 months, had taken its toll on our marriage, so we needed it. I married a good man.  But we are very different in personality and in the way we communicate. And I’m thankful (so thankful) for our Christ-centered marriage that, when pulled and stretched during hard times, has become stronger and more resilient.

But listen. While we have a solid marriage and our love and commitment will last no matter what, we still don’t understand each other at times. We are still incapable of predicting each other’s reaction accurately. We often mess up in our communication.

Sometimes it’s actually pretty funny.

This video is spot on. I saw it for the first time a couple of nights ago. It hit a little too close to home for us!!


4 thoughts on “More Catch-Up

  1. Glad to hear things are getting back to normal! John showed me the “it’s not the nail” video… I laughed. Lol it’s so true. Happy fall and have a great week!

  2. Okay, that video is spot on! Hilaaaarrr!

    I’m glad you are feeling better and you have friends that let you cry in their kitchen–that’s important. 🙂 Glad you and Mike had some time just the two of you–even if it was for your follow-up (YAY for clear!)–that’s important too.

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