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C’mon, Let’s Go!

Every now and then I’ll click on an old post and find a picture or a video that I completely forgot about. The other night I was up late and clicked the random post button just for fun (my favorite pastime) and OH, look!



My friend took that photo of Mini when she was 15 months. Her eyes. They melt me right down to a puddle.

In the same post, there is this video

She is still that cute wobbly toddler who is taking charge and on a mission!

And you know what? To be honest? Not always easy to homeschool, my friends. God uses our kids to develop the Fruits of the Spirit in our lives, and this spunky go-getter is no exception.


She is a smart, sassy, loving, nurturing, funny, creative little girl. Her favorite phrase to say right now is, “faster than a jack rabbit in a foot race.” Sandy says that in a SpongeBob book we have. And Mini says it in a Texas accent, which is hilarious.

Mini, I love and adore you. You’ve always been a mover and a shaker in life. God will use those wonderful qualities in the plans He has for you.

You go, girl!


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