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Daddy, Flowers, and a Pair of New Boots


From Mini’s point of view, the bird that flew into the side of our house and caused endless worry on Thursday was rescued. That is what she told Nana on the phone over the weekend. Daddy saved the bird. Nothing but joy in her voice as she recalled how it flew out of his gentle hold and off into the distance.

The distance being just a few townhouses down from ours, but she innocently came to her own conclusion about it. Okay, we know the chances that our young dove went on to find real estate in the tree of her dreams were all but slim, but who can resist smiling over the way this story ended? Daddy is a hero. Amen and good night.

The picture above has become one of my favorites of Mike and Mini. I took it a few months ago when we were visiting my mom in the hospital. She felt awful but when we came to visit, she’d get up and walk out with us to the hospital’s “healing garden.” It was a nice, quiet place for patients and visitors. Instantly, the sights and fragrance of the flowers and landscaping put you in a better mood. Peaceful, it was.


I thought of that when I had a few minutes last week to make a trip out to a garden center. I bought some mums and added color to our front step. Flowers and some whimsey are certainly a nice thing to come home to. A spunky boot-wearing 5 year old, too. What else is needed to lift your mood? Welcome Home!

Speaking of boots,


I bought these from Target and the day they arrived was probably one of the happiest of her life. She has worn them a LOT since that day.

DSC_0131 - Version 2

Something about this picture tells me Max may want a pair of his own. 🙂 They got dressed up one day because (well, because).

No, Mini and Mike are going to a Father/Daughter square dance next weekend so she tried on her outfit. She’s very excited about the dance. Mike is being a good sport. Well, he says he doesn’t like these things but every time I hear them talking about it, one would think differently. He’s smitten with his little girl.

There’s no denying that.


One thought on “Daddy, Flowers, and a Pair of New Boots

  1. When I first read this sentence, this is what it said in my head: “Flowers and some whisky are certainly a nice thing to come home to.” Hahaha. I thought you would get a kick out of my error. I’ll be sending some prayers your way tomorrow.

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