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Mourning Dove Brings Morning Drama

We came home yesterday morning to find a bird sitting in our front yard. I didn’t know what kind of bird it was, but I guessed it had been injured.

Now, you should probably know something about me. I might homeschool and think of the world as our classroom, but when it comes to creatures of the wild, I draw the line. We can learn about them on the google. My biggest fear was about to come true. My kids suddenly wanted to become veterinarians. Or worse, they wondered if we should pick up the poor, helpless bird, put her in a box, and drive her in our own car to a real, live veterinarian.

Mini was in tears over the bird. Not heeding my warning about possible diseases that birds can carry (eww, eww), she approached it from a closer distance and suddenly, the bird flew.

Right into the side of our house!


She landed in the carefully maintained area weeds behind our bushes. It was both frightening and hysterical. I have a 5 year-old girl and an 11 year-old boy. You see how my emotions can go in either direction.

The bird sat upright, folded her wings, and bobbed her head. But she didn’t move her body. For the next 6 hours she didn’t move her body.

You can imagine how Mini felt about that. She was beside herself in grief and worry over the bird. She needed comforting and reassurance all day long. We are doing all we can for the bird, I told her.

This whole scenario was a step outside my comfort zone. Not gonna lie. But I gathered my thoughts and went into action.

Because our neighbor suggested the bird was probably thirsty (which I thought that was pretty ridiculous, but the idea was welcomed by MIni), we poured water into the base of a planter and offered her something to drink.

We put mums around the the dish of water. (To cheer her up as she “was recovering.”)

We scattered sunflower seeds (chocolate covered ones, as they were the only seeds we had in the pantry. And they were bright pink and in a jar labeled “flamingo poop” purchased from Florida. That works.).

And we took her picture so we’d “always remember her.”


We made a card that said “I love you, Birdie” (Through her tears, Mini declared her love and devotion for the bird many, many times. Yes, it felt a little over the top, but you know what? She’ll always remember that darn bird. And probably how I handled the tragedy, too.)

Max looked through a bird guide to find out that it was a mourning dove (we’re guessing a juvenile) and both kids checked up on her all day.

When Mike came home from work, we noticed that she had walked out into the middle of the street. Mike went to pick her up with an old tshirt and carry her to the woods, but she flew away.

She made a full recovery.

For Mini’s sake, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Of course, our prayers continue to go out to the bird and her family.


2 thoughts on “Mourning Dove Brings Morning Drama

  1. Bahahahaha – my whole family got a great chuckle out of this! 🙂 So glad Birdie made a “full recovery”. 😉

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