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Five for Friday

1. For a couple of weeks in September homeschooling is chill and relax. We actually do school at home for hours at a time . But then the Fall activities begin and we’re rush, rush, rush, and hurry-up, tie your shoes, we’re running late, let’s GO.

I haven’t yet figured out the magic of carpooling. It’s not absolutely necessary for our schedule and for only two kids. Right now I’m okay with dropping-off, picking-up, and allowing my van to run around town on auto-pilot as we kill time in between.


2. Yes, my hair is really that gray. In some lights I can get away with stretching the months between visits to the hairdresser. But not under the love of fluorescent Target. This picture inspired me to make an appointment.

3. This semester, Max is involved in a lot of activities. He’s doing acting, the same sports program as last year, takes classes at a co-op (we all go to that), and I signed him up for a creative writing class (!). So far, so good. He is enjoying them all. At home we’re doing math, history, language arts, and Bible. I’m so proud of how hard he’s working.


Sidenote: I heard about a Bible curriculum called Bible Study Guide for All Ages that can be done together with Mini. I was really excited to try it.

It’s not only solid teaching (we’re just reading straight from the Bible) but each story is illustrated in a cartoon strip with fill-in-the-blanks, things to circle, cross-out, etc. I really like it. I choose not to spend time on the maps and timelines, but those are also available. The younger version for Mini has a big picture to color and a kindergarten-level application that goes along with the Bible story.

We do this on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and, I’m telling you, it has been so cool.

4. Mini is taking gymnastics again with her sweet friend, P. They hug each other and smile and bounce the entire time. There are only 3 little gymnasts in the class, so they get a lot of personal instruction. They work hard and have so much fun!


5. A week ago, Mini made me laugh when we got home from one of these activities. We had been talking about the baby panda that was born at the National Zoo, and she came running to me with a paper in her hand.

She was so excited! She said, “Mommy! It’s a newspaper about the baby panda!” and she thought it was also a personal invitation for us to visit her at the zoo.

She was BESIDE herself with happiness.

You know what it was? It was a Chinese food menu that a restaurant delivered to our door. It had a picture of a panda on it. 🙂

Happy Friday, friends. Have a great weekend!


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