Adoption (Open)

Open Adoption

On Wednesday we got to spend time with Jake’s birthmom! She was here on a quick business trip and found out she had some free time, so it worked out perfectly to meet downtown.

The timing of her trip was an extra bonus since his birthday is this Sunday.

The last time we visted with Jordana was in 2007 when she lived in Philly. We met at the children’s museum and Jake was only 4 1/2 years old. He zipped and zoomed around the place with major enthusiasm and interest.

May07 148

May07 155

May07 162

So…6 1/2 years later, that same boy had every bit of the same enthusiasm and interest but on an 11-year-old scale. His choice was not a children’s museum but rather the International Spy Museum.


We would make some pretty awesome spies, huh?

Everyone liked the museum (highly recommend it if you’re visiting DC) and we went out to lunch at the Austin Grill afterwards.


Emmie looks like she is studying her grilled cheese. Possibly paranoid after visiting the Spy Museum, I don’t know.

Jake here is talking to Jordana about movies. They found out they have some favorites in common like all the Pixar movies (except she hasn’t seen Cars 2 and he thought she should definitely rent it), and Harry Potter. They also discovered they both shared some other things in common like hating the taste of fresh tomatoes (well, when she was a kid like him).

I think those tidbits of knowledge are treasures.


There are some similarities that I’ve observed (which I love to notice), in addition to their identical smiles, cheeks, and noses. Their voices are very much the same, too, and they both have a goofy personality and a big laugh. They are also very creative and witty, too.

I think both of them really enjoyed one another’s company (as did I).

What I don’t think Jordana was expecting was Jake’s LOVE for conversation about certain subjects. i.e. Minecraft and his pastime for recapping the times he’s played Minecraft. Oh, and he was also quite passionate over the topic of dreams and his pastime for recapping his own dreams.

I just smiled whenever we made eye contact, it was the best. I know, Friend. I know.

Of course he loves to talk about other subjects too: Avengers, Lord of the Rings, and Legos, but on this particular day MC and dreams stole center stage.

He was comfortable; that’s what that means.


They made a memory and they had time together. That meant everything.



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