Back from the Beach

Our fam just returned from a super fun, went-by-too-quickly vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC. This vacation was extra special because we met the newest member of our extended family, a furry boy named Galion (rhymes with stallion).

DSC_0104 - Version 2

Galion is Jen’s (Mike’s sister) new assistance dog and working partner. He is a trained therapy dog and goes with her to work each day and helps her patients at the rehab center. As they recover from a brain injury, Galion uses his doggy gifts in different ways to help in their therapies. He is trained to do so many neat things.

From the moment we met him, we fell in love. He walks real slow and close to Jen and looks like he’s anticipating with great patience for her to tell him a command. Then when she says “release” he is allowed to play and suddenly reminds us that, yes, he is a 2 year-old lab/retriever who likes to fetch, wag his tail (which should be considered a weapon in all 50 states), and gallop around the room as giddy as can be.

He’s an amazing dog and he loved, loved, loved the beach.



Now, let me tell you another amazing thing about this dog. Or maybe it’s an amazing thing about generic children’s Zyrtec available at Target. We’ll say both.

Mini didn’t have a single problem being around him (we know she is allergic to dogs and with some breeds it’s unbearable, bless her heart). I had a lot of confidence in the medicine going in, but to see that it helped her as much as it did was simply awesome. The last morning, in fact, she started to rub her eyes and coughed and sneezed a lot and it hit me that I forgot to give her the medicine the night before.

Mini doesn’t take medicine regularly unless I know she’ll be around dogs or cats. I don’t know if it gave her any side effects, but I don’t think so. She tends to run life on all cylinders all the time, all the days. And a vacation diet of mac & cheese, pink donuts with sprinkles, and enough candy to make Halloween jealous didn’t seem to slow her down, either. But one day she did seem rather sleepy. She and Max both came back from the beach exhausted as can be.


Well, I assume that’s Max tucked tightly from head to toe under the blanket. He’s been known to sleep like that.

He has his reasons.

He’s almost 11, you see.

And that reminds me. We celebrated Max’s, plus Pops’ and Jen’s, birthdays at the beach. Nana got Max an ice-cream cake on his night o’ celebrating and we had the funniest party favors, too.


We had a lot of fun together. I just love our family. 🙂

Myrtle Beach 2013




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