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Up and Down and by my Side

There were too many ups and downs this week as I’ve waited for my upcoming doctor’s appointment.

Actually, the ups weren’t too many. I liked them all, and would’ve preferred even more of those.


Up:  On Saturday, I took the kids to the beach (about 3 hours away) with our jr. high group. Sunshine, sand, water, french fries, Sonic on the way home. Remember, we don’t have Sonics close to us. I got an orange cream slush. It was a big deal.

Up: On Sunday, I sat in church and eagerly listened to testimonies from those who went on summer missions trips. I cried. I felt proud. It was a great morning.

Down: On Sunday afternoon, I was a mess. A complete mess. I was tired. Hormonal. And scared that this week of waiting was going to kill me.

Up: It didn’t.

God provided – as always – exactly what I needed through friends sitting around a pool who were willing to listen and pray and then when we got home, one of my friends had just stopped by with a complete meal for the next night!

Up: On Monday, I was productive at home. I prepared for a homeschool meeting I led that night. The kids went to play with friends. There were plenty of things to keep all of us occupied. It was a pretty good day.

Up: On Tuesday, we met up with friends at a splash park. Our close friends are moving away, which is super, super sad (Down).  They’re not moving until the end of August, but you know how quickly that time goes by. I’m glad we went to the splash park and did something “big.” These two are really funny together.


Up: On Wednesday, Mike and Max went to Six Flags (free tickets from a school incentive) and Mini and I had a girls’ day. She has been asking to invite her friend Madeline over for a long time, and she’s also begged me to let her paint in the backyard. I was able to grant both wishes on the same day. She was thrilled! Plus Chick-fil-A for lunch. The girls had a fun time together and giggled a lot.


Here’s a pic of Max at Six Flags. They had a great time at the water park (although several rides were closed for some unknown reason).  That’s okay, Max’s favorite thing to do at amusement parks is explore around the park anyway. It still surprises me that he doesn’t like thrill rides that much. But hey, give this boy a cheeseburger to eat, a blue Icee to drink, and some crazy hat to wear, and he’ll consider it one of the best days of his life.


So, it should not have surprised me in the least that his favorite ride of the day was the train. You know, the slow one that goes around the park for the grandpas who just want to take a nap? Yeah, that was awesome! It was the best, Mom!

Down: While it was a great beginning of the week and things were on a roll, by Wednesday night I was a mess again. I was having difficulty swallowing and thinking about my neck and throat constantly. Ultra-aware of something I didn’t even feel 2 or 3 weeks ago. I just felt plain crazy. And defeated. I was once again thinking that this week was going to kill me.

Up: It didn’t.

Down: But truthfully, it did drive me insane in a lot of ways.

All week my throat was feeling tight and sore, and it worried me that the tumor was growing. Seriously. I had anxiety dreams that it was taking up my entire neck and everything.

Mike insisted that I go to the doctor.

Up: It was the best thing I could’ve done. Even if nothing more than just for my psychological well-being. I didn’t have anything more than just a regular ol’ sore throat from a virus or allergies or whatever, but having someone check on me gave me some real peace of mind. And yeah, I totally used the “my husband made me come” excuse.

Last Up and then I’m done: Last night I went out to my favorite Mexican place with a couple close friends and tonight Mike and I picked up bbq from a new carryout restaurant. Our friends from church told us about it and then got us a gift certificate. The kids went over to their friends’ house tonight, so it was the perfect night to try it out. We loved it!

So there you have it. Plenty of Ups and some Downs, too. That’s to be expected. I’m rolling with it and leaning on God a lot this week. I can’t wait until all this is over. But He is by my side, for sure.


4 thoughts on “Up and Down and by my Side

  1. Reading this back, it seems like I’m talking very fast!

    In case there is confusion, I just went to my family doc the other day – no results known about the biopsy yet. I’ll find out on Monday.

  2. I’ve been praying for you. It’s so hard to stay “up” when you have this waiting hanging over your head. I’m glad you have two cute distractions. I’ll be praying for you tomorrow and for good results!

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