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An Update and Five for Friday

The last few days have been difficult. I still don’t know results. I think that is a good thing because a call would be made if the biopsy showed thyroid cancer.

But I already knew that if it was benign or inconclusive, that even that “good news” will still evolve into a conversation about surgery and thyroid replacement. And that is not the end of the world, I know. My good friend, a surgeon that I truly respect, has assured me this is no big deal.

As a friend – as a good friend – I reminded him that there is no such thing in my world. Every medical diagnosis is a big deal. Hello. But he smiled and said I’d be fine. And when he told me that, I may or may not have reacted with the urge to punch him.


You may wonder why I don’t call my doctor asking for the biopsy results. It’s because she specifically asked for me to wait until my appointment. She wants to explain in full detail and I feel strongly that God wants me to honor that request. So strongly that it’s annoying, actually.

The unfortunate thing is, she will be on vacation next week. But every time I’m tempted to pick up the phone and call (10 times per day), I think of the story in the Bible about Abram and Sarai and Hagar. I am teaching Genesis 12 to our 1st and 2nd graders next week. God makes a promise to Abram that he believes at first, but when he and his wife grow impatient, they come up with a plan that they think is better. But we know how the story unfolded.

So, whatever my feelings are telling me, nothing matters more than waiting on God. Right now my spiritual eyes are open. I’m not usually like this. I mean, c’mon, I’m pretty blind (and stubborn) to see His hand. And by nature, I am totally driven by my feelings. But in this case, I just know God is leading me to wait.


Now, for more lighthearted topics!

1. Mini gave me a gift this week. Actually two. Two days of drama-free scooter rides around the lake so I could get in a good morning run. Well, there was drama on Day 1 but a Strawberry Shortcake Band-Aid took care of that within a minute of leaving the house and off she went.


The weather has been so nice. I haven’t run in a while, so I really wanted the kids and I to get out and enjoy the pretty day. I ran one lap yesterday (1.25 miles) and walked another, then today I was able to run a little more and walk less. It felt good. I listened to Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and TobyMac and worshipped the entire way.  I’m more aware of this thing in my throat or whatever it’s pressing against (after the biopsy) so I’m sore and have difficulty swallowing (not too badly).  I’m running and smiling, so it can’t be that bad, right?


2. We joined friends at the mall on Wednesday for a free movie. FREE MOVIE! They handed out free popcorn, soda, and the kids decorated a free chocolate lollipop at one of the participating stores down the hall. So much fun.

IMG_1252 IMG_1254 IMG_1255

3. Mini and I went to a wedding on Saturday. This was her first ever. She totally thought the bridesmaids were princesses and she stalked the bride while they took family photos. It was really cute to see how much fun she had anticipating the big day, getting dressed up, sitting like a big girl at the wedding, and falling fast asleep on the way home.

Unfortunately, we had an issue with her food allergies that just gave me a rude reality check. The head caterer was not a people person AT ALL when I asked if any of the dishes had nuts in them (legit question to ask, right?). He was so condescending. He took me down the line of chafing dishes and asked me to “read the signs” and then held up a roll and asked me to tell him what I saw [as if he was asking if I saw any nuts].

Is he really in food service for a living?

I’ve heard real-life stories from people I know about chicken rolled in crushed pecans and it didn’t look like nuts. So no, it doesn’t matter what you see.

BUT, he did say he would take care of her and he did, indeed. One of his assistants delivered a plate of chicken tenders, fries, and apple sauce to our table. (I tasted it first – yep, frozen restaurant style chicken tenders. Perfect.) And overall, the food at the wedding was DELICIOUS, I must say. It was probably the best I’ve ever had at an event. So what he lacks in people skills he makes up for in cooking.

And we were still able to have a wonderful and fancy time with our friends.

photo (2)

4. The week before, Mini and I had another mother/daughter date to a birthday party. The birthday girl’s special request was for three friends and their moms to go out to dinner with her and her mommy. What a sweet idea. We went to California Pizza Kitchen, had frozen yogurt for dessert, and we passed by a street violinist and asked if he knew Happy Birthday. The birthday girl had the sweetest shyest smile as he played for her. So cute!

I forgot my camera, but I had Max take a picture of Mini and me at the end of the night. He also had a great night – he went to the movies with Grammy.


5. The next picture makes me a little sad but the memory of these kids hanging out and dressing up is funny. This was Max’s last day to play with his friend, Brody, before he moved to California. Poor Max, this has been a rough transition time of saying goodbye to friends who have moved away.

We will miss Brody, he was a cool kid.


Friends are the biggest blessing, aren’t they? I’ve been on the receiving end of friendship these past couple weeks and I’m not taking that for granted for a second. Have a wonderful weekend.


4 thoughts on “An Update and Five for Friday

  1. I love the comparison to Abram’s story. How often I get impatient in my life when I just need to hush up and deal with it! Thank’s for sharing what you’re going through so we can pray for you!

  2. I love your raw honesty of this post!!

    And of course pictures of the kids always make me smile! So cool to have the opportunity for mother/daughter date to a wedding!

  3. 1. Continuing to pray for you. The waiting! Agghhhh, the waiting!
    2. Very curious about how you’ll be teaching the story of Abram and Sarai and Hagar to 1st & 2nd graders. 😉
    3. Boo to rude and condescending people. Ugh, I hate that.
    4. LOVE the cowboys and Nerf guns. We so totally have that at our house all the time too! And policemen with nerf guns, and SWAT team with nerf guns, and security guards with nerf guns, and…. hahaha!

    Have a great weekend!

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