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The Next Step

Last night I felt scared about the next step. In my prayers I realized it was easier for me to trust God with the unknown outcome (cancer or not, surgery, whatever lies ahead) than it was to trust him with this one test, the fine needle biopsy. I had a lot of anxiety about the test.

I shared that on Facebook and I woke up this morning, my heart encouraged and ready.

Mike and I drove downtown for the biopsy and overall, the procedure itself was less stressful than the time we drove around the parking lot and sat for 90 minutes in the waiting room. I’m just glad to have the whole thing over with!

The doctor explained every step, and he was fantastic (worth-waiting-90-minutes-fantastic? I don’t know about that). He put me at ease and explained every step and if you think that lying still on a table with your head elongated so your neck is up in the air is not a multi-step process, you’re mistaken. Geez.

He took three samples and checked to make sure he got everything he needed for the slides. This was the precise reason my doctor suggested doing the biopsy in this hospital. Not leaving there wondering if I’d have to have the test repeated due to an inadequate sample gave me more peace than anything.

I mentioned in the comments on yesterday’s post (thank you for your comments!) that it will be a long while before we know anything. Today’s doctor said after studying the slides, he would call my doctor if he saw cancer. And I haven’t heard from my doctor, so no news is good news. He said it takes days to make a final reading, though. My doctor (endocrinologist) told me last Friday she wants me to wait until my appointment with her to discuss results. My appointment is on August 5, after she returns from vacation. Thyroid nodules aren’t so much a hurried thing, in the grand scheme. I have to be patient.

Right now – at least right this minute – I’m feeling patient. That kind of blows my mind. God is answering prayers.


7 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and prayed for your procedure to go well. It’s so easy to let worry take us over (I know because I am queen of worrying). I read in one of Angie Smith’s books that when we pray, we should just hand everything over to God and trust in him – don’t ask for specific solutions, just ask for Him to take care of us and solve our problems. That’s the hardest thing for me because I tend to be a problem solver and I want to tell God how to do things. That sounds so awful when I type it! Anyway, that’s where I’ve been trying to focus my prayer over the past few years. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another to walk the walk! So, anyway, that’s my long-winded way of saying I know what you mean about not worrying and handing everything over to God.:) I’m glad that you haven’t heard anything and I’m going to continue to pray for you. I do hope that you get good news soon so you can put all of this behind you!

  2. Prayers and virtual hugs coming your way!! I hope you continue to feel peace and not anxiety as you wait for the results–that’s got to be so hard but it sounds like God is already at work on that. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness friend, just got caught up… praying like crazy for continued patience! And for God’s will. Whether good or bad, the last year has taught me to pray more for God’s will and for peace and strength through it, instead of praying for a certain outcome. So praying peace and strength for you today and in the days to come!

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