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Last Monday I loaded the dishwasher and looked up at the clock, remembering that I needed to call my doctor. I was waiting to hear results from a thyroid ultrasound I had a few days before, but it was lunch time so the office was closed. I made a mental note to call my doctor later.

Then the phone rang and it was him. My ultrasound didn’t come back normal. I needed to follow-up with a surgeon for a biopsy on the nodule they found, and the nodule was solid.

These words shot out of the phone like a torpedo to my stomach. I thought he had to be wrong; the ultrasound was just something ordered to cover all the bases. My doctor found the nodule during my regular office visit exam. I never would’ve mentioned it to him on my own. In his office that day, we talked for a long time about the possibility of the cause being hypothyroidism. I think that’s what he thought for sure. I was going to start going to an endocrinologist.

He took some blood to check my thyroid levels, but they were normal. When he called me to suggest the ultrasound, I felt a little worried. But overall I was just annoyed that we came to the conclusion that my weight gain was from ice-cream instead of an underactive thyroid.

Tomorrow I will have the biopsy and now I feel the lump in my throat all the time. Power of suggestion? Probably. I didn’t feel it two weeks ago. But still, it’s 3.4 cm (the size of a medium grape tomato) and takes up most of the thyroid gland on one side.

I’ve learned that thyroid nodules are super common and they range in sizes. They can appear out of nowhere, or they can be hanging out there for ages. Most of the time they are diagnosed incidentally, and just need to be watched every 6 months or so. Sometimes they need to be removed. 90% of the time they are benign. Even if they are cancerous, it is curable with surgery.

I went to an endocrinologist on Friday (normally it takes 2 months to make an appointment, but they had a cancellation. Praise the Lord for that.) and she answered all of my questions. And I feel ready to accept whatever the biopsy shows because 1) it probably isn’t cancer and 2) even if it was, they know exactly how to treat it and everything will be just fine.

Easier typed than done.

I’d really appreciate your prayers tomorrow, friends.


12 thoughts on “Curveball

  1. Praying for you! I so love your confidence and peace, since I’m the type whose mind flies off in the worst possible direction at the drop of a hat. 😦 I’ve been having some issues with my hip, and spent WEEKS in an all-out panic waiting for test results and such. Thank you for being an example to me of trusting in the Lord! I will be praying throughout the day and tomorrow. ❤

    1. I’m worrying way too much, too. This is one of those times when I’m writing what I know instead of what I feel…but I do see God’s hand all over this and being caught by surprise is just on my end. He prepared me in a lot of ways and has greater purpose through it.

      Do you know everything is okay now?

  2. Praying for peace. Isaiah 41:10, friend. He will uphold you by His righteous right hand.

    PS – I hate curve balls, just the same.
    PPS – The best lessons of my life come from curve balls.
    PPPS – Because I’m weak, I still wouldn’t choose the curve balls.

  3. I’ll be praying for you! I just had a friend that went through this, and everything was fine. The worry and waiting is such a hard part. I hope you get your answers quickly and that everything is clear.

  4. It will be a couple weeks before I know what the biopsy showed. My doctor said she wanted to have that conversation in person with Mike and me. We’re praying specifically for the biopsy to show a definite benign/malignant result, just so decisions about how much thyroid to remove are easier, and when surgery would need to be scheduled (now vs. sometime in the near future)

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