12 on 12


Hello! Remember the good ol’ days when I blogged a lot more than once a week? Maybe I just need a little inspiration.

I’ve seen Holly do this on her blog before, and since this is the 12th day of the month I’m sharing a sampling of pictures of what we’ve been up to so far this month.

1. To go with the VBS theme, Max built this K’nex Ferris Wheel over the course of a few days. We borrowed it from my friend, Lauren. He had a lot of fun building this!

2. Creepers, zombies, and spiders. A little bit obsessed, he is. A little bit tired of “do you want to talk about Minecraft?” I never would’ve thought I’d say this, but I miss our Angry Birds conversations.

3. New haircut at the kid’s salon with the TV’s and the yellow walls. She and I spent the day together while Max had camp at Bounce U. This was something he put on his summer wish list. He had the best time.

4. We made rainbow rice on the deck one afternoon when I knew dinner would be late (because I didn’t feel like cooking) and she was tired/bored/whiney. It was a fun project and busted the boredom out of the park, but rice was everywhere. I’m not sure I’d ever do this again. Ever.

5. Max mooched some fudge from a newly-met friend at the pool. He scored major points with his mom when he asked her if she could write down the recipe to give to me. Then he made a bee line for me and said, “please make this!” The mom and I met and talked and now we’re BFF’s. Well, that’s one way to make friends. 🙂

6. Mini’s M.O. for a week now: She’s soooo hungry. Then she takes one teeny tiny bite of a big ol’ somethin’ on her plate and quickly announces she’s full.

7. Our dishwasher was dying (it has needed so many repairs) so we bought a new one and I love it. Everyone swears that Bosch dishwashers are the best. We were fortunate to get a great deal on a floor model at Best Buy (40% off!). It washes and dries like a dream (overstating it? nope.) and we had fantastic customer service for a change. I love how it looks, too!

8. I found about 60 selfies on my iPhone the other day. She makes me laugh!

9. I am not a huge fan of running, especially in the heat and humidity. But an escape one afternoon to run around the lake when Mike came home was nice. I wish I could let my mind escape longer than that, but right around the 15 minute mark, I start thinking of all the pressing things on my to-do list. Summer, why are you so busy?!

10. Teaching 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School has been a lot of fun. My partner in crime isn’t pictured here, but she has been a blast to teach with. I didn’t know her that well before, and I love discovering that she’s one of those humble but totally gifted teachers who relates to kids and loves them SO well. It’s incredible. The kids are such a blessing, too.

11. Oh my word. This woman. Talk about being humble and using her gifts for the Lord. She leads a team of volunteers at our church to help with a homework club. God is blessing the ministry in ways that give us goosebumps.

She and her husband are moving away, sadly. This summer finds us saying goodbye to several families who serve in ministry with us at our church. We mourn seasons like this, it’s hard. But God has a plan for us all, and we excitedly wait to see what He’ll do next.

12. Mini has loved (for the most part) swim lessons at our pool. She’s got a lot of spirit and likes to have fun but also listens and tries to learn the strokes. She was learning the breast stroke in this picture, it was fun to watch.

Hope you’re having a good July so far. Next week, Mike will be in Georgia for a missions trip with the teens and I’ll be here with my mom who is having a scheduled surgery on Tuesday and will be in the hospital a couple of days. The kids will be staying with Pops & Nana. Prayers appreciated for all. I’ll see you in a week or so.


One thought on “12 on 12

  1. Ohhh myyyy with the Minecraft! BOTH of mine have fallen prey to its addictiveness. And the seeds. And the sharing of worlds. And on and on and ON it goes! They so would be friends, I’m telling ya. They really must meet someday. 🙂

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