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Six for Saturday

1. Mini and I got out the construction paper and markers and set to work on our yearly Summer To Do List:

DSC_0076 DSC_0077


She didn’t want me to forget Jake & Jennie’s wedding (she gets to be my date since Mike will be on a trip). She is so excited!

2. She also came to the bridal shower with me, and had the best seat in the house! Jennie asked her to help her open the gifts.


Mini was in her element as Helper of Opening Gifts and she was so funny. (“that’s from TARGET!”) The shower was really nice and I caught up with out of town friends I haven’t seen in a while. It was fun to have a special outing with my girl. We took this pic before we left the house.



I bought the dress last summer to use as a cover-up so it felt a little weird wearing it as a normal dress. But I wore it with a belt and thought the denim jacket looked cute. However, it was hot and humid that day and I was pretty miserable. Mike told me I was crazy for wearing it, but I was too proud to listen. In general, we do not interfere in each other’s fashion choices. This is something that keeps our marriage solid.

I don’t want to let him know he was right. So it will be our secret, okay?

3. Want to know another secret I kept from my husband? Long story short, Mike always reminds me/rolls his eyes at me when I leave the car doors unlocked. And even though it feels like I bring in 40 million things from the car every time I come home, inevitably my van is full of stuff. As soon as I get inside, I forget about going back to the car for the other stuff, and don’t think of delegating the job to the kids.

Both are bad habits that I can’t seem to break. Our car has been an open invitation to neighborhood punks several times over the last 13 years. The other day someone obviously went through the glove box in search of something, but nothing seemed missing except loose change. Our GPS was still there and money that I hid behind the visors was still there.

So I didn’t tell Mike.

But the next morning we saw Mini’s backpack on the shared mailbox we have in our court. A-ha. I realized that it had been stolen from the car. I guess someone had found it nearby. The backpack was unzipped and some clothes and crayons were still inside (soaking wet because it had rained the day before). But Mini’s EpiPens and inhaler plus the plastic breathing chamber device that works with the inhaler were taken from the bag. So irritated about the theft AND the fact that I was busted again for not locking the doors.

The moral of the story: husbands don’t like to be in the dark about stuff like that.

4. It’s one thing to make a Summer To-Do list and another to check things off of it. We checked off a fun day that was spent at Great Waves Water Park in Northern Virginia. A family at church invited us to go along with them. They have 7 kids and we had the best time together.


The wave pool was large and deep so the little girls wore life jackets and Mini looked mighty cute in hers.


There were also smaller pools and slides, a splash park, dry playground, sand area, mini-golf, and batting cages. We got there at 11:00, ate our lunches outside the entrance, then played all day until 7 p.m. What a fun day and the dads came with us, so we had a blast.


5. The next day the weirdest thing happened. I had an allergic reaction at the pool. After applying sunscreen on Max, I ate a sandwich, then started talking to my friend. In the middle of our conversation, my hands and feet couldn’t stop itching.  They started burning, too. I got tiny bumps in between my fingers, and then my ears felt hot, my lips felt puffy, and my neck was blotchy and red. I have no idea what caused it – the sunscreen was the same brand I always use, the sandwich was the same stuff I eat everyday. The only difference was that there were two different sunscreens on my hands when I was putting it on Max. We don’t go anywhere without liquid Benadryl so I took some and was fine, but that afternoon I slept on/off for 3 hours on the couch. Crazy!

6. Our jr. high summer Bible study began this week and we’re reading the book The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel. I’ve never read it before (nor have I read his first book but I know his story about being an atheist who wanted to investigate Christianity and prove it wrong). I have a feeling it will be faith-stretching for me because we’ll be discussing questions that stump me, like “Is it intolerant to claim Jesus is the only way to God?” I sometimes get stuck on this because when you share that with someone, their defenses immediately go up and they say something like “see, that’s why Christians are so judgmental! That spreads hate. There are so many good people who should go to heaven regardless of their religion.”

Of course, I think it’s a great conversation to have, especially with teens. We have to know how to share our faith in a biblical way and those questions should be asked and talked about. I read the first chapter today and it was really good. What I went through last year with Max in the hospital made me stronger and bolder than ever in my faith, yet I feel like I need to grow and learn so much.

Well, that wraps it up for this week. It definitely was a full and interesting one!




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