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Rain, Rain Go Away

Sorry, local friends. It’s my fault that we had a rainy day today. I had lunches packed, a watermelon freshly cut-up, towels and goggles stuffed in everyone’s pool bag, and I was even wearing a bathing suit for a change. And we were headed to the pool with two minutes to spare before Mini’s practice began.

I had all my ducks in a row so, of course, it started pouring once we arrived. Just my luck.

We were disappointed about the pool closing and the day was looooong because I needed to prepare for my homeschooling review tomorrow. Loosely translated, that means I had to reorganize every bookshelf, clean out four closets, alphabetize the spices and label my Tupperware with scrapbook letters.


And, for some odd reason, the kids felt slightly neglected.

(for full disclosure, not that anyone cares in the slightest, but I did the spices a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting for the ideal opportunity to bring it up because I love those bins so much I want to marry them. I bough them at Target and they have no-slip bottoms. Fist pump.)

(also, the closets are still a mess.)

But I did really and truly prepare for my homeschool review. And, I have to say, I realized again why we are still doing math problems and trying to grow corn and beans in the kitchen here in mid-June. Because, this semester, was a mess. There were SO many stops and starts. It was definitely an “eh…good enough” kind of Spring.

By the way, our corn and beans did not grow to the heights we were hoping for.


Pretty sad. But you can see that Max, who hates to write a single word more than what is absolutely necessary, wasn’t complaining.


Eh. Good enough.

The rainy day ended up being pretty productive for me, but not so exciting for the kids. Mike had a meeting tonight and I made chicken noodle soup and threw some crackers on a plate for dinner. But there was watermelon and we did go to the library after dinner.


I think we’re all looking forward to tomorrow and hoping for the return of warm, sunny weather. Mini is on the pre-team and is loving it. Plus, she’s pretty darn cute in her swim cap and goggles.


photo (1)


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