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A Little Forced, Yes

The weather was absolutely delicious on Friday, so we went for a walk and had a picnic lunch in our neighborhood.


Hello, cute girl leisurely walking with her hands in her pockets.

We found a spot near these pretty wildflowers so I suggested taking some pictures with my phone. I had one willing model.



and one who couldn’t take that idea so seriously.


Our picnic was short-lived. I don’t get it, we had the perfect day. The perfect location.

But my kids are … kids.


Which means they are moody. On principle alone I told them they are going to eat their picnic lunch and we are going to sit out there in the warm sun and feel the cool breeze and they are going to LIKE it. This was a delicious, beautiful day.

They complied but we went back home five minutes later.

And immediately, they started asking to play Wii, or play on my phone, or watch TV, or …

Some days, I give in. Too easily. It’s tempting for me to send them off to their electronics so I can veg out in front of mine. That is when the house is quiet and I do love the quiet.

But on this beautiful, delicious day, I had my act together. My years with them are going by too fast and on this day, I felt that. I needed another idea.

Take 2:



The idea to play a game together outside was met with some resistance from my moody tween. Mom and her ideas, in general, are so whatever. He forced that smile, believe me.


We started playing the game and only after a few minutes, I saw this genuine smile.



And this…this is just Mini’s personality in a 9-second nutshell.




2 thoughts on “A Little Forced, Yes

  1. We love Disney Apples to Apples! I think that is the one game everyone can agree on. Good for you on not giving up. I think I’m creating an electronics limit each day this summer.

    1. I have to be more consistent with a time limit, myself. It’s really easy to let it go and already I’m seeing how the lack of structure is affecting all of us.

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