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Nothing like an old movie

Last night we got the old boxy video camera out of storage and quickly checked to make sure Max had a pulse. He had no idea we owned such a treasure. He was beside himself.

The last time we filmed anything it was 2008, before I realized how hard it was to hold a video camera still and carry a baby at the same time, and it was before we owned Macs. The camera is useless to us now because it is old school and we would need some kind of thingy to hook up to the thingy in order to do anything with the footage on a Mac.

It may not be clear from that last sentence, but technical areas are, in fact, not my expertise.

Anyway, the camera was still perfectly good for watching the old video tapes, though. We plugged the camera’s cable thingy in our  TV and re-lived some cute memories from when Max was a toddler and preschooler.

It made me want to go back and look at old photos of him at that age, too.


Box Car







Perhaps this was the perfect time to get out those videos and watch them together as a family. I hadn’t seen those videos in years. There was footage that I had NO memory of whatsoever, which was weird! And footage that I remember like it was yesterday.

One thing that gave me goosebumps was hearing my voice back then say something to Max on camera and he’d stop playing for a second and look up at me. I’m talking about when he was 15 months old or so. While he was watching on the couch, 10-year-old Max walked over and gave me a hug and cuddled up next to me. It was a sweet moment for this mommy. I could cry now just typing that.

Tonight the kids asked to watch some more videos before bedtime. Mike was at a meeting and at first I thought we should wait to watch them on another night. But I was easily persuaded and I grabbed the box of Kleenex and sat down.

It was a lot less emotional for me this time.

In the summer of 2005, I brought along the video camera with our little family out for a night at Chuck-E-Cheese. Twenty minutes is a long time to watch any 2 1/2 year-old play the whack a mole game and sit next to a large rat in a bouncing jeep. Even if it’s your own child.


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