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Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very nice Memorial Day Weekend.

Well, if that’s not an attention getter that makes you want to keep reading, I don’t know what is.

Our weekend was spent at home, just Mike and myself. The kids were away for another one of their adventures with Pops & Nana, and our plans to have no plans for the entire weekend went off without a hitch!

I cleaned a little, exercised a little, shopped a little, and slept a lot. We also went out to eat, but that goes without saying. Nothing big the first night; we just went to Chipotle and then rented a movie from Redbox. Sunday was fancier (depending on how you fancy) in that we ordered filet mignon via Curbside Takeaway. And grabbed another movie from Redbox. We live for the finer things in life, what can I say?


The kids had a great time at Pops & Nana’s. When they went to their house a couple of years ago for Grandparents’ Week, they met and hung out with two friends who were the grandchildren of one of Nana’s friends. Did you follow that? I re-wrote that sentence at least four times and I’m still confused.

Anyway, Jack & Morgan were going to come up for a visit so Nana called me to see if Max and Mini could come, too. This time there would be a special surprise friend for Mini (she was over-the-moon excited to hold J & M’s baby sister in her lap).


Grandparents’ Weekend 2013 was a hit! Pops & Nana picked them up early on Saturday morning and took them out to breakfast at Waffle House (a favorite spot from their road trip last year). That afternoon they went to the pool, had a cookout, and a movie night. The next day they hit some golf balls (Mini did, anyway. Max wasn’t interested this time), and painted some pretty cool birdhouses.


The only downside to the kids going to visit Pops & Nana occurs when they come home. Mini clearly expected for me to keep up the same level of Nana’s endless energy. Let me tell you: impossible. The first thing she asked was if we could get out the paints, then the bubbles, then a snack, then the Little People, then another snack, etc, etc. How could I say no to anything? She has learned how to work the system!

This guy must be teaching her a thing or two.



I couldn’t write a post about Memorial Day weekend without mentioning how grateful I am to the men and women who serve in our military, and how they have sacrificed in order to serve our country. Thank you.


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