Five for Friday

Five random pics from this week

1. DSC_0297

Youth pastor love



 We visited my mom in the hospital (she had a kidney infection but is doing better now and will be going home tomorrow). The machines and beeps took Max down Memory Lane for a few minutes. (big exhale)



There was a pretty garden/courtyard right down the hall from Grammy’s room. And cups of that awesome hospital ice.

4. DSC_0074 On Sunday Max and his friend said they saw a snake in the front yard. The discovery soon brought many families outside to see what the screaming was all about (I tried to keep it down, I really did). Soon there was an impromptu neighbor gatherin’ taking place that hasn’t happened since trick-or-treating. We got out the sidewalk chalk, eventually pretended we didn’t care that the snake slithered away unseen, and hung out with all the kids and grownups for a long time. The next night we talked as a family about how we wish we knew our neighbors better. There are more young families, which is awesome, but everyone is coming and going and leading busy lives. We thought about throwing a block party or serving watermelon or something this summer. Any suggestions? (more snakes are out of the question!)

5. IMG_0649

We had our end-of-year World of Water event for Junior High. It was chilly and not at all perfect weather for water games. But they didn’t care. It’s bittersweet to see the 8th graders grow up and graduate. Some boys and girls begin coming to JH in 6th grade and others wait until 7th. They change SO much in that time. We have incredible teens in our group. The best.


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