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Preschool Days


Last week was Mini’s Cubbies end-of-year ceremony and today was the final MDO of the year. Actually, it was the final MDO ever.

I underestimated how hard it would be to see these preschool days come to an end. Mini will start kindergarten in the fall, and even though we will homeschool, the schedule and structure will change. It feels like an end to a really good book, and one that I’m reluctant to finish.

I will be a mom to a kindergartener and a fifth grader, and that seems so strange.


Comparing the preschool years with Max and Mini is like comparing a pinball machine to a sparkly tutu, so I’m sure the elementary years will keep me guessing about how to be their mom.  Both are strong-willed, happy, and full of life, but they approach life very differently.


If life were a chess game (I don’t play chess but I’m on a metaphor kick so let’s just go with it), Max would play strategically while his imagination simultaneously creates a story with theme songs for all the pieces. You wouldn’t know which part of his brain was being used more. He wants to win but it’s not the most important thing, as long as he is having fun, talking, and making sound effects. He would be silly and loud one minute but quiet and contemplative the next.

Mini, on the other hand, wants to tell you exactly how to move your pieces so she can win in 3 or less moves.

(Max tells me it’s unlikely to win in 3 or less moves, but believe me, Mini will find a way.)

And she will talk non-stop and try to make you laugh and giggle the whole time.


Anyway, the preschool years are now coming to a close and yes, I’m pretty emotional. In my heart I’m revisiting some of the things we’ve weathered together. Potty training. Thunderstorms. Tantrums. Sassiness. Sleepless nights. Allergies. Separation anxiety (toughest phase so far). Though the hard days were immensely challenging, the sweet memories outnumbered them. Too many good moments to count.

I loved the preschool years.


But wow, they’ve gone by too fast!


That picture of Mini in the baby swing was taken back in 2010, when she was 2 years old. I’m sorry, I have to go back and look through old photos and see how much she’s changed.

Look how much she’s grown since the first day of MDO in September 2011!


The two girls standing next to her are Madeline and Faith, and they are good friends at church too. Mini was 3 1/2 years old then and now she is five. I can’t believe how much she’s changed.

This year alone she’s grown up so much.


Her class had a pajama party to celebrate the last day. She had lots of fun in her MDO class this year. It was a small class and she made really good friendships.



Her teachers were so loving and they did some super cute crafts, games, and activities with the class. I don’t want to knock preschool programs out there because I know most of them are great, but MDO was a nice option for us. It was much more affordable and I’m really thankful for the ministry.

Plus, it was awesome having a day each week to spend alone with Max at the library. He accomplished a lot on Thursdays and I just loved having that time with him.


He and I had a last hurrah today and celebrated with some frozen yogurt after the library.



Then we went home and while I read to him, he created this origami guy (it’s a thing right now).


And stopped by the barber shop for a haircut and some Calvin & Hobbes reading.



Okay. I guess the elementary school years are pretty nice, too.

I know that I’ll miss the preschool days, and as much as I want her to stay little, it doesn’t quite work that way.


It’s much better to embrace the here and now and get ready



for the ride that is to come



4 thoughts on “Preschool Days

  1. What a sweet tribute! We’re not starting Kindergarten in the fall (for many reasons) even though Cooper will be 5 this summer. I’m emotional already thinking about it!

    1. I don’t regret for a minute that we waited with Max (I know saying Max sounds funny since we know each other in real life…but you know) I think you’re doing a great thing and you are an awesome mom. We need to meet up at the park and let us run around with your boys to give you a breather while Doug is deployed.

  2. I can’t believe Mini is so big already, either! I started reading your blog just before you brought her home….time goes so crazy fast. I’ll have a 5th grader next year, too – and an EIGHTH grader. Whatintheworld. Last year of elementary and last year of middle school. I really can’t even think about it.

    So glad you had this fun year to spend Thursdays with Max, and so excited for your new adventure homeschooling two next year! 🙂

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