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Hands-on Learning

1. I can’t say we had a very exciting year of science because Max was disappointed that the curriculum had more fill-in-the blank questions and less experiments. But things picked up in April when he made a greenhouse and grew some radishes in the kitchen. I can’t say it was exciting even at that point (as you would imagine, radishes aren’t the most thrilling thing on earth), but I did like seeing him take the initiative here. He did almost everything independently and all I had to do was supply the baby food jars and drink some orange juice.


2. In the final weeks of Awana, Max was racing to finish. I guess when it became his idea to finish, he became focused. There were verses to memorize, questions to answer, and various projects along the way, so he pushed through a lot of material in just a few weeks. The last project was a diorama about Paul & Silas and the earthquake that broke their chains (Acts 16), and that was totally fun for him. These hands-on projects are the best.

DSC_0079 DSC_0087

His leaders were great in encouraging him to finish so he could get his award at the ceremony. They would meet us somewhere like a park to listen to him say verses or allow him to randomly drop by. I hope he always remembers how these adults made time for him and cheered him on.

We’re very proud of you, Max!


Yes, you are excellent.

Even after looking at your mouth and asking “what did you do?” and finding out you gave yourself a hickey from sucking the air out of a water bottle. But even then, you are still excellent.

And we learn all kinds of things in different ways, don’t we?


3 thoughts on “Hands-on Learning

  1. Congratulations, Max! I love reading about your homeschool projects, and love the diorama – good job!

  2. Boys are all kinds of wonderful, aren’t they? Hands on is the best way to go! I just wish I was better at supplying this kind of educational opportunities for my kiddo!
    Looks like his project was done well!

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