If only real problems were solved this fast

It’s nice having a techy for a husband. One of the reasons my blog has been rather dull lately is because iPhoto and WordPress have combined forces to mock the very notion that I deserved a blog. In other words, it took more than 60 seconds for the right screeny thingy to load, and I walked away in a huff, not sure if I’d ever return.

But then Mike said I was possibly overreacting. He told me it was because I have so many photos in my library, which slows things down, obviously. (Not obvious to me; I just thought my computer hated me.) Well, this week my sweet techy husband said MOOOOVE (love that SNL sketch) and sat down in front of my laptop and installed an iPhoto manager software, which divided up my library. So now it doesn’t take long to upload photos to my blog because I’m only grabbing from the current year. But the old ones are still accessible, and, yes, it is a wonder how these magical things in the computer work, but I’m okay with not ever knowing.

As long as I don’t have to sit here and deal with the kind of hardships that I previously experienced when waiting for a whole minute to upload a photo.

Let’s try it, shall we?


Woah! That photo loaded really fast. I know you can’t tell that, but trust me. My life is back on track and I’m feeling more self-confident than ever.


Okay, maybe not.

I hope to do some catching up on the blog this weekend. I think it’s apparent that we had a fabulous pretend vacation to the beach, so I’ll have to tell you about that.

I can’t promise to remember all the details of that trip (don’t be too surprised if I skip recounting it altogether) but I do promise to post lots of pictures. And LET ME TELL YOU, you will be very impressed with how fast they load.



One thought on “If only real problems were solved this fast

  1. One of the exact reasons I haven’t been blogging lately!! My computer hates me!! It’s so slow….. And won’t let me do anything without rebooting multiple times!! Hubby hopes to get us new ones in next couple of months then watch out!!

    Can’t wait to see all your pictures!!

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