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Eat Fresh


Mini and I have a weekly lunch date at Subway while Max is at sports (meaning, a 2-hour homeschool PE program, which is four kinds of awesome. He is getting exercise, sweating bullets, having fun, and won’t grow up not knowing how to play Capture the Flag.)


And it gives me some time alone with my girl. That makes us both happy.


Have I told you how much I love Subway? If my dreams come true in life, there will be a time when I work as a Sandwich Artist.

It just has that neighborhood feel. The same people come every Wednesday (me) and the same people work there every Wednesday. Both this restaurant and I have come a long way since all I would eat is ham and cheese on white. I saw the Undercover Boss episode and cried.ย I’m emotionally attached to Subway. I’m also emotionally attached to Baja Fresh but that is a different episode and a different cuisine.

I order the same thing every time (6 inch veggie, flatbread, toasted with pepper jack, everything on it, no hot peppers (but okay I’ll take some jalapeรฑos, please), oil & vinegar, that’s all, thank you so much.

And they make it for me perfectly every time.

It’s an art.

I haven’t been able to persuade Max to love Subway as much as I do. He’s a healthy eater at home but on the road, it’s only burgers and fries. He grew up on McDonald’s (I take full responsibility that some of his first words were ticken nugget, by by, coke). He couldn’t pronounce chicken. He couldn’t pronounce french fries. And, for the record, we did not give him Coke. But still, at 2 years old, whenever we passed by a blue tourist sign with the golden arches that’s what he said. Ticken nugget, by by, coke.


Like I said, we’ve come a long way.


Anyone else share my love for Subway? Or cry during Undercover Boss episodes?


7 thoughts on “Eat Fresh

  1. YES! All I need to do is smell subway and I develop an instant craving.

    Also, I’m glad you recognize the importance of capture the flag. Definitely an important milestone in every kids life ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love this post. Mini’s expressions tell it all! My fav at Subway is the tuna salad. I love Undercover Boss and yes, I cry during almost every episode. I missed the Subway one!

  3. Absolutely LOVE Subway but we don’t eat there often as they make their bread with milk and egg products. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Love that you get one on one time with both kids! Soooooo special!


  4. I had Subway today! I love the blog of your Papa. I had the privilege of visiting w/ him a few times on his trips to Midland. What a precious man! He did his best to get us to commit to a trip to Ruidoso to see him again. I’m glad we were able to be at his sweet service. We enjoyed meeting you and the family. Susan’s fortunate to have so many sisters, nieces and nephews. I’ll enjoy following your blog.

    1. It was wonderful to meet you and your husband and have the chance to sit at the same table and get to know you. Thank you for traveling so far to be in Ruidoso. What a blessing that was for me to realize what a great friend Aunt Susan has in her life.

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