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DSC_0539The kids had to say goodbye to two close friends in the neighborhood. They lived only 4 townhouses down and now they’re a whole 2 miles away. We definitely feel the loss. They played together nearly every day.


But we still get to see them at least once a week. Shout out to our Awana leaders that make it a lot of fun.


Do you see why someone told me to come into the living room for a “big surprise”? This little lady LOVES to fold laundry (when it’s her idea) and I say she’s pretty darn good at it. It’s about time – I’m pretty burned out on the whole laundry job.


I haven’t blogged very much this month, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. But not much has been going on. For some reason I took a picture of my stove.

Exciting stuff.

And I took some pictures of food. Still doing eMeals and loving it (I end up only choosing 3-4 meals off the menu each week which works out great.)

DSC_0173Fish tacos (tilapia), chips, guac, and fiesta rice.
DSC_0213Saucy vegetables on linguini w/ baguette

Pork chops w/ mango salsa and baked apples (kid’s plate)


Still my favorite snack ever


Mini and I made soft pretzels one day (she constantly called them Salt-n-Pretzels which made me laugh). She is the queen bee of all things domestic right now. You can’t tell by this picture, but she’s actually pretty sassy.

This, by the way, is more like how my kitchen usually looks.

We like Danimals? Geez. We went through those quickly.

Anyway, Mini and I made salt-n-pretzels (it’s a forever thing now) and she did a lot of the labor herself. She propped up the recipe (found in an old issue of High Five), got out everything we needed, and went to town making the dough.

I made these once before with Max when he was little. It appears I did most of the work but we are both covered in flour so I’m sure he had fun. Gosh, this is an old picture!


I have to say, the 2013 version turned out waaaaaay betttterrrr.




4 thoughts on “Catch-Up

  1. May be you took a picture of your stove because your pretty orange flower plate you bought a few months ago is now hanging on the wall? Looks great!

  2. You’ve got a cute little laundry folder! I need to train one here – I can do laundry all day, it’s the folding and putting away that gets me.

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