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What’s a little b.o. among friends?


Last weekend Mike and I – along with 8 of our fantastic jr. high and high school leaders – drove up to the suburbs of Philly to attend the Youth Specialties conference for youth workers.

The highlights: Incredible worship, great speakers, messages and talks that just hit me hard and messed me up in the best way possible as a jr. high leader, and time with these hilarious people I serve with in ministry.


We’re very close. They love me to pieces.

The only downfall of the weekend was an unfortunate decision I made to spiffy up our minivan the day before the trip. I took the kids up to Pops & Nana’s house then returned home with a bee in my bonnet to clean the van top to bottom because – oh dear – people besides my kids are going to be sitting in those seats.

In those seats that MY KIDS usually sit in.

Well, I was doing a pretty good job cleaning out all the goldfish, lollipop sticks, waffle fries, and melted green crayon I found (they weren’t hard to locate). I also won a perseverance award in rubbing out puffy paint from one of the seat belts, which I intended to take care of the day that unfortunate reality of not waiting-for-the-shirt-to-dry happened. But that was only 10 months ago and I’ve been busy.

Anyway, the sky was darkening and it looked like rain was coming, so I hurried to finish up the job. I didn’t have time to bring out the big shop vac to make the carpet stains really shine, but I did go downstairs to the basement and retrieve our bottle of Armor All instead.

Let me pause here to give you a public service announcement.

Armor All – if left on the shelf for years or maybe a decade or more – turns on you.

I sprayed it on the dash. I mean, I REALLY sprayed it. The smell was intoxicating.

Very similar to B.O. on the Metro in Paris kind of intoxicating.

I have a story about that, and I can verify that this was the exact same smell.

I tried to clean it off the dash with soap and water to the best of my ability. But no. Even my award-winning efforts in puffy paint removal pale in comparison to the strength of rank Armor All. The smell didn’t go away the next morning. Maybe a little. But no, not at all.

Those poor jr. high and high school leaders that rode in our minivan up to the conference.

Now I understand why they turned their back on me when I took the picture.


4 thoughts on “What’s a little b.o. among friends?

  1. Ohhh Anna! That would TOTALLY happen to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ And by the way, love your new header! I get your posts by email, so forgive me if it’s been up there for a year and I just haven’t noticed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Who knew Armor All spoiled?

    Makes me think of the Seinfeld where the valet had terrible B.O. and Jerry ended up burning his car.

    Still though, glad y’all had a good getaway!

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