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The Show Must Go On


Max’s acting debut on stage was a great success. The program was called Home School Talents Showcase, and it included 120 students performing in various acting, singing, or dance numbers.

Max had a small part that was written especially for his personality. He was a middle school kid on a Spring Break cruise with his friend and when he heard there was free pizza on board, he became so fixated on the prize of stuffing himself with melted mozzarella goodness that his chaperone had to keep a close eye on him the entire trip. And even then, no one was safe (even poor old ladies strolling by on their way to the promenade deck).

It wasn’t a far stretch. Except for going on a cruise for a class trip.

That would only happen in real life never.

They had three performances and Friday night’s show had crazy technical problems. I have to hand it to the actors who never missed a beat when all the lights went out except for the video projector, and they kept going with their lines.

There was a power failure to the light board but, like they say, the show must go on. And it did. The entire first act was performed without any stage lights, just the backstage house lights. I heard it was the first time this happened in the 18 years of HST.

Max was supposed to be in a scene shortly after the power failure, but it accidentally got dropped as a result of the confusion backstage. It was so frustrating to him because this particular scene included – in his humble opinion – his best lines.

Well. He got through it but was visibly upset afterwards. We felt equal parts sympathetic about his disappointment and grateful for the life lesson that only ended in hurt feelings. But as a bonus, the words from his friend (who was in every scene with Max) meant a lot to him as he encouraged him to “look on the bright side, we get to do it again two more times tomorrow.”

And then there was the director (who is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met) who said she would make it up to him and then emailed me at midnight (like she didn’t have enough on her mind that night!) to ask what his favorite pizza toppings were. She bought him a large pizza the next day. 🙂

Saturday’s performances went so well and everything went as planned. Or unplanned. Max got to deliver his lines and he told the director something that she said was possibly her favorite HST memory of all-time.

After congratulating Max on that scene he had missed on Friday, he said “I remembered all four of my lines!”

“And three of them weren’t even in the script!”

Like they say, the show must go on.


2 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On

  1. Hooray for Max and hooray for you for being such an awesome mom to do all that is involved for HST parents!!! 🙂

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