Five for Friday

1. 2 weeks to go until Showcase (the play/recital that Max has a part in) and he’s pumped. Today he had to bring in 3 changes of clothes (t-shirt/shorts) to wear in his scenes. They needed to be different outfits to show the passage of time on the cruise ship. He thought long and hard about his outfits {said with much sarcasm} but he did plan ahead on one of the shirts. We found this perfect tee at Children’s Place.


Okay, am I the only one laughing at that picture? The fact that I went to the trouble of going to the website, saved the jpeg to my computer, then uploaded it to my blog (which is by itself a process that takes at least 30 seconds, so you know, forever) to get this teeny tiny picture!

Anyway, I’m not sure what he’s more excited about, the play or the chance to wear that shirt on stage.


2. Mini is back in gymnastics and is loving it. Jazz hands!

3. Speaking of (sort of) there is a finale at the end of the Showcase that involves all the actors and dancers to come on stage, give a bow, and dance and sing together. As much as he likes gettin’ his groove on here at home, Max is not thrilled to learn choreography that people will be watching him do on stage.

Picture us, Max and me, in our kitchen in front of the laptop practicing a routine with step-touch, step-ball-change, etc, etc, and figuring out how to move two left feet. It is something else.

Max does not do jazz hands, I promise. But Mike is cringing all the same.

Max just wants to get this part over with. I, on the other hand, am loving how this is going to be a great story to tell his wife and kids someday.


roasted chicken thigh

4. I’ve been cooking a lot more these days.

I signed up for emeals. Is anyone else doing that? I have never, ever, ever been successful with meal planning on my own, but I know what a time and money-saver it can be. So I thought, why not give emeals a try?

I signed up for a 3-month plan and so far, so good.Β The recipes have been simple and easy, and much healthier than I expected, but still pretty tasty. We’ve liked every meal so far. And guess what? I made them! πŸ™‚

Chicken Vegetables

Some of the dinners have been on the too-light side of things, in Mike’s opinion. However, I loved LOVED this chicken and vegetable dinner and had leftovers for lunch two days in a row.

The kids have liked mostly everything, too, and for two weeks now they are “in on it” getting the groceries and prepping the food. It’s so nice not to have to wonder what’s for dinner. I really hope this just gets the ball rolling for me and I’ll be able to stick with meal-planning on my own because of it.


5. This week we had a fun event for Jr. High called March Madness, where we played a bunch of relay games. A school gym, loud music, cheering for your team, pizza, cookies, the Gospel message. It’s the best combination for a great night in junior high ministry.

Except one thing went kinda wrong. I was in charge of assigning the teams and I accidentally stacked one with an unfair advantage. Who knew that having some 6 foot tall 8th graders on the same team would make them faster at every single relay?? I think it may be the last time I get that job. πŸ™‚

Max had the job as photographer (the kids get to come with me to some events, and they felt like rockstars getting to come to this one). He had the best time taking pictures.


You can’t underestimate the amount of fun a kid can have taking a self-portrait with a roll of toilet paper.


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