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Good Reads


When Max found this at the library he held it in both hands and said “I have got to get this!” and I can’t remember to be sure, but probably added a “oh yeah, baby.”

I can’t remember because I had to shhh him. We were in the adult section (not as wrong as it sounds) and there were people reading and not as enthused as Max about the book.

Speaking of books, guess what I’m reading?

Photo on 3-11-13 at 3.00 PM

Max has been asking me to read Harry Potter ever since we strolled through the town of Hogsmeade at Universal Studios. I know he thinks I have tons of spare time to read between homeschooling, cooking, laundry, and drinking my hot choffee. The truth is, I’m not a big fiction reader but he really wanted me to become a HP fan just like he is, so of course I picked it up at the library to make him happy. I may be late to the party but I’m no Harry Potter party pooper.

When Max came home today from Pops & Nana’s house, he couldn’t believe I was on page 223. I guess his ol’ mama is full of surprises even when she looks pasty and has the flu.

And now I feel lots of pressure to finish this book in the next day or two.

But yeah, I admit, it is pretty good!


2 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. YAAAY! Oh I love those HP books! REad all 7 OUT LOUD this last year to my 8 and 10 year old. (yes, I deserve an award for reading those out loud!) Love them! I’d love to stroll Hogsmeade someday….!

    1. Mike read them out loud to Max, and now I’m seriously impressed with both of you. I couldn’t read out loud half of what Hagrid says. I still mis-pronounce Hermione’s name from time to time, but in the beginning when we’d talk about the book in conversation, I did it so often that Max made fun of me and wrote it out phonetically on a post-it note for my bookmark. šŸ™‚

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