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Latest Things

1. She makes special requests for her toast to be cut into shapes. Butterflies and the letter “M” are her favorites. M for Mommy.

It’s official, I’m not allowing her to grow up.


2. Washing dishes is kinda fun when you have a cute helper.

DSC_0716 DSC_0717

3. That peacock print sits on my counter temporarily. I think I’m going to hang it above the sink. I also bought a small orange plate and a shelf and like magic, I would have the perfect wall grouping. But then I couldn’t decide if I really wanted something that busy above the sink. Or maybe I was too lazy to get the toolbox.

Well, guess what. They’ve been there for THREE MONTHS. I have serious commitment issues with home decor. Hopeless.


3. Hey!  Max thought it was cool that we own one of these. We’re big fans of Duck Dynasty in our family. Max and Mini quote the show all the time, it’s so funny.


4. Mini made macaroni and cheese for the first time. She did everything except handle the pot to drain the boiling water. She was so proud of herself! You never know when you take a picture that might be one of those that you’ll always cherish. This might be one of them.

If only I had some kind of wall art hanging above the sink, though.

Or not.


6 thoughts on “Latest Things

  1. Yes, a cute helper (or two) makes chores a LOT more fun!

    We’ve just started watching DD and they are a hoot! We totally had those tupperware cups (I miss them and their plastic smell. But not too much.) and I love seeing Si toting his tea in a jug and never without his blue cup.

    Are y’all watching (or DVRing) the History channel series The Bible? It’s been really good so far (haven’t watched last night’s episode yet).

    1. Mike and I watched it on both Saturday and Sunday night. Really good. Seeing the actors’ facial expressions on screen makes the stories come to life. The show inspires me to read the Bible in its entirety (I’ve never done it). I thought last night’s episode was great. Certain adaptations drove Mike to yell at the TV, though. Like how they handled the Ark of the Covenant scenes.

  2. I like the peacock. Put it up. Just do it. If you don’t like it, you can always take it down and stare at the nail that used to hold it…or put something else up, on the same nail. It’s not a wedding ring, you are not committed forever, just until you change your mind. You can do it! You’ll be happy you did and it’ll just take two minutes.

    Put it on your to do list this week. You’ll be glad you did!

    And if you’re not happy…just pull it off the wall. See? No need to fear commitment.

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