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A Day In The Life…Homeschooling on Thursdays

Every Thursday we go to the library while Mini is at Mother’s Day Out. (She is doing so much better with her separation issues, by the way.) I’ve taken Max out to lunch on Mother’s Day Out days for three years now and it’s been such a good “date” for us.

We only have two more months of Thursdays before the end of the school year, so I brought along my camera to capture this past week’s library visit and lunch date.

In the photos below, Max is writing his rough draft on his report about Walt Disney. We went through the research and writing process this semester. Source cards, note cards, writing an outline, all that good stuff.

Writing is not Max’s favorite thing to do, although he is a terrific storyteller and seems to understand the process of writing.  But writing on paper (especially in math) is such a chore. He will go to great lengths to simplify a sentence in order to write as few words as possible.

I think that admission is worthy of a Frosty at Wendy’s. He gets it but doesn’t yet know he gets it.


DSC_0728 DSC_0732

Getting started. I love clipboards. 

Four paragraphs? I think he’s realizing how long this will take.


It’s okay. I see the lightbulb just turned on. He’s got this.


Lightbulb out. It might be time for a break.DSC_0737

The break is overdue. Mayday, Mayday!


He refuses the break and is determined to go on. One paragraph down. Frosty is on his mind.


Using his outline. Who taught him how to do that?



Re-checking the details. Don’t want to get those wrong.



Woah, he’s on his way! Great job, Max.



At first he was listening to a Harry Potter cd, but I insisted on some real conversation, thank you.


“What do you wanna talk about, Mom? Minecraft?”

DSC_0755 DSC_0756


And so we talked about Minecraft. It was very enlightening. But what I loved most about our time together was not the conversation.


It was him.



5 thoughts on “A Day In The Life…Homeschooling on Thursdays

      1. Wow, it seems like he went from light brown to dark brown over night! He’s taking after his birth mom more and more 🙂

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