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There’s no Business Like Flu Business to Put You to Sleep

Last night I realized I was coming down with the flu but I had been in denial. Finally, I had to own up and cancel my plans for the weekend. We have 70 teens and adults going to a youth conference (Planet Wisdom) and it kills me to miss it. It’s exciting to think about how God will move in their hearts and I wish I could be there.

It was definitely the right decision to stay home, but I hated throwing a wrench in the plans at the last-minute. Thankfully, another mom was able to take my place.

This morning, even though I felt terrible, I got up to take Max to acting class. He’s going to be in a play in April. It’s really a dance recital with a play that runs in between dance numbers. A plot to keep the audience entertained while classes shuffle on and off stage.

It’s all part of this big homeschool arts company in our area, which is pretty cool. Max loves the acting class.

He has had his sights on Hollywood for a long time. He does seem to naturally fit in, hanging out with celebrities.


Doesn’t he look natural at that fancy Hollywood party with the furniture from Ikea?

This morning he ran into our bedroom, eager for me to check my email for the latest version of the script that was promised. I was in the middle of coughing and blowing my nose and what-have-you. You know, in addition to moaning and groaning about why daylight has to hurt me so much.

It was a lovely start to the morning.

Anyway. Max has 3-4 lines in the play. His character is on a cruise ship and all he wants to do is look for pizza. Then after finding the buffet he starts to feel queasy and thinks he needs to barf. (What better part could a 10-year-old boy ask for?)

So, while I was wishing and praying to go back to bed, I got dressed anyway and we printed the script and headed out to acting class. Flu or no flu, the show must go on.

But as soon as I dropped him off, that show turned a corner and made a much-needed pit stop. Mini and I ended up in the driveway of Mike’s office, where she knocked on the door with a box of crayons and a note pinned to her shirt that read “please let me come in, Mommy is on her death bed.”

Okay, so maybe there wasn’t a sign but I did take a nap in our van while she colored in Daddy’s office. I’ve never felt so desperate to lie still and close my eyes. I was so tired.

Even this afternoon, at the doctor’s office, I had to lie down on the table whenever the nurse or doctor left the room. Sitting up was exhausting.

Which only serves as a reminder that I wouldn’t have lasted long at the youth conference. Or in the chair Max was sitting in at the fancy Hollywood party, either.


4 thoughts on “There’s no Business Like Flu Business to Put You to Sleep

  1. Oh girl, I’m so sorry. The flu is so, so miserable. Did you get some Tamiflu? Hope you are so much better very soon!!

    1. Thanks, I just changed it a couple of days ago. I love that rainbow picture so much! Yes, my doctor gave me Tamiflu and I think I got it early enough to make a big difference. So glad about that!

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