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At The Tone…


In a month where my emotions and life’s circumstances have swung from one extreme to another, February called and left me a message that I need to save. To ensure that I don’t miss the lessons learned.

When people say there are no guarantees in life, I have to disagree. February reminded me of a few. It is a guarantee that I will make a bigger deal out of things than warranted. Life WILL have moments that seem monumental but only last temporarily. There WILL be nights (and afternoons) (and evenings) that drag on but mercies arrive by morning. Challenges WILL lead me to the throne of Grace in a more powerful way than a day filled with ease, so I should be thankful for them. And, at His throne, Christ is waiting there for me. Accepting me, along with my frustrations and tears and everything else that I didn’t want to spill out on my blog in front of people.

February, you were so hard on me.

Mini turned 5 this month. My heart bursts with love for her, it beats with pride and joy over the little girl whose hair bounces and falls loose from her headband with every skip. It melts in a puddle when I watch her play and gushes like the center of warm chocolate pudding cake when she smiles.




But oh my heart, it did take a beating over some tough Mommy moments in February.

And by “take a beating” please refer to my habit of making the hard moments that are really bunny hills seem like black diamonds. I don’t know why I just used a skiing metaphor. I haven’t been skiing in many years. But my point is, the month of February was EXCRUCIATING.

And wonderful.



And good.

And I’m glad it’s over.




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