Stories about Emmie

Sugary Sweet

BirthdayOn her birthday, she decided the menu. For breakfast she wanted strawberries and blueberries. Check. I handed her the shaker and suggested a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top.

I believe her motto is, “you can’t go overboard with powdered sugar. You just can’t.”

Sugar was the theme this birthday. Instead of a party with friends this year, we made a Candyland cake together.


She loves to bake with me and we really had fun making the buttercream frosting.


Too bad we didn’t make enough for the sides. But I don’t think frosting on the sides is necessary when you have this much candy on one cake.

Mini was so proud of this cake. She decorated (or made executive decisions) about 90% of it. I think she did a great job!


Why didn’t I just show you this picture of the cake first? Β The cake sides sans frosting would’ve been my little secret.

Just like the secret that I ate my weight in candy that day.

More pictures to come (and most likely some sugary sweet words to go with them).


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