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Five for Friday

1. First, I want to wave hello and humbly thank one of my readers for her sweet comment about my hair.

“Thanks, Mom.”

I don’t know what’s more sad – my confession to you that my husband skimmed my blog post that I wrote especially for him on his birthday, or my mom being the only one to comment about my hair when I was specifically writing about, well, my hair.

Edited to add: as I was pining for your pity I got a notification that Valerie left a comment. Perfect timing, friend. {giggle}

2. For years and years Mini has asked to draw with our set of window markers. I don’t know what I was afraid of, but I’d always think of an excuse and negotiate for another activity. Then, a few days later she’d ask again about the window markers. Oh no, I thought. ANYTHING BUT THE WINDOW MARKERS!!!

I have no idea why I even hesitated. Today, she petitioned once more and I gave in because I am still in that weird place when I suddenly feel exhausted, and window markers seemed like it would buy me a chance to put my head on the table and close my eyes for a minute or twenty.

What was I afraid of? Window markers are awesome.


I sat down just for a quick break and just watched her create. She was very focused. Oh so serious about her art.



I loved watching her get lost in her own world. When she realized I was taking pictures, she wasn’t impressed. Got a little sassy with me, in fact.


Can you see her hand on her hip?

That was my cue to put the camera down and just be with her in the moment. She giggled, soaking up the attention, and chatted non-stop, as if we were in art class together (she was the teacher, of course. She is the kind of teacher who says darlin’)

I doodled my own creations to her left, on the other side of the door. At first I drew a groundhog, then hearts for Valentine’s Day, but then my mind wandered to the next occasion we’ll celebrate after that. The markers somehow drew a cupcake with five candles on top. It doesn’t seem possible that Mini is already having another birthday.

3. Look who has been saving gift cards and cash from his birthdays, last two Christmases, and his $5 allowance so he could buy something big?


We heard him say a thousand times that he was going to buy a Wii U with his own money once he had enough. This was the first time we’ve dealt with “his own money” for a big ticket item, so we had to talk and decide how to handle it. Surely this will only be the first of many decisions like this.

Of course, even if he can pay for something, he still needs our permission. That was the first conversation. But there were many others. We told him we would put some money towards getting the better version (and the warranty) but he had to save $300. Even though he paid for most of it, we still have ownership of it. We set the boundaries, rules, etc, etc. He likes to argue about this, but we’re setting an important precedent and I’m glad to see him come to a realization of how the real world is. It’s tough being a kid in a world where your parents own your Wii U.

But, yeah – I’m totally excited that he saved so hard for it. I need to learn how he did that (If Mike is reading this – hmmm – he is nodding his head in agreement over that statement).

4. Wow, I got carried away with this post so I’m going to end with 4 things. I’ll just say have a nice a weekend and I hope we hear good news that an early spring is on its way.


But if it’s not, we’ll spend the rest of the winter here in our warm house playing Wii U and using the window markers.


12 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Haha – your #1 made me smile. 🙂

    Ohh, my kids used to love window markers. We haven’t played with them in so long. *sigh* Have you seen the window paints? They’re kinda like squeezy paint, and after you let them dry, you can peel it off like a window cling! So fun.

    And…love your groundhog mask! 😉

    1. She sits at her little table and colors everyday, it’s just part of who she is and how she was made. I love that.

  2. Sorry I missed the hair post…. It looks GREAT!!
    I love Minis art and even her hand on the hip! 😉
    Wow!! What a great lesson for Max to learn! Saving for something big like that takes some real dedication ! Good job!!

  3. Kudos to Max on savings for the special item! A great lesson and reward. And Mini’s window art is awesome! About item #1, all I can say is 🙂

  4. We used window markers the other day in Sunday School. We wrote our sins, prayed, then wiped them clean. I was worried they wouldn’t come off the windows (then the janitor would come looking for me). I just read about your surgery and I’m so glad you are feeling better. I had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago, and while it took a long time to recover, it was the best thing I ever did.

    1. I love that idea for Sunday School! I’m now a fan of window markers, especially since we keep picking them up to doodle some more. I love me some eclectic art in the kitchen. 🙂

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