Stories about Emmie



As soon as she got home, Mini took over the duties of being my personal nurse and making me feel relaxed and pampered.

No, it wasn’t exactly like that.

Let’s just say there were tears that formed their own tears within the first two seconds after Mike’s parents left on Sunday afternoon. I knew we would be okay, but it took some energy to comfort her (literally, I was singing songs and doing motions and she’d crack a smile but then cry some more). Drama!

Mike was at youth group and Max was putting together a Lego set (happy place) so we needed to figure out a win-win situation for us girls. She needed lots of attention and was so frustrated that I couldn’t pick her up. But praise the Lord for Barbie. So we got our little DVD player set up on the floor of the living room and watched.

One thing led to another, and now I have rainbow toes.


I lost count how many times she gave me a different pedicure. Of course I didn’t care; it lifted her spirits and it was a nice way to spend time with my girl.

I most definitely missed her.

And, I most definitely ordered pizza for dinner.


4 thoughts on “Pampered

  1. Rainbows are always in fashion! It was sweet of her to do that and glad y’all had some special re-entry time (but I know it was hard to not be able to pick her up–waah for both of you :)).

    Hope you are feeling stronger every day!

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