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I am so in love with this bouquet. Sunflowers are some of my absolute favorites and the color combination of purple, green, and yellow make me very happy.



The flowers and vase arrived in a box and I had the enjoyment of arranging them. A little known fact about me – should you ever participate in Sincerely Anna trivia night (it’s a thing) – is that I learned to make flower arrangements in high school.

While the normal firstborn or driven middle-child kids were taking chemistry, I decided to kick back and take the easy 4-year-plan that included Horticulture 101. We ran a flower shop business and managed a greenhouse. There were tests but not a lot of homework. The class allowed more time for extra curricular activities in my schedule. I only listened to my career counselor; she always told me those would work in my favor on college applications.

Wait a minute. Is that a polite way of saying something?

Anyway. Horticulture was actually kinda fun. The business side, the creative side – not the sciency side.



Look! Pretty flowers!





3 thoughts on “Arrangement

  1. Those are gorgeous–and the arrangement is stellar. 🙂

    Sunflowers are such a happy flower, and perfect for brightening up dreary winter days. I hope they are doing their job for you!

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