Stories About Anna

Here I Sit

I’ve had 4 days of recovery, sitting here in the living room or slowly shuffling around the house. It’s been a relatively easy life; the kids are at Pops & Nana’s, snow has fallen twice with not a lost mitten nor a pair of outgrown snow pants for me to scrounge.

Mike has taken such good care of me. In 16 years of marriage I have been the one who has been sick or laid-up in some kind of physical recovery the most (far more than he has, actually) and by now, things go smoother. We may be late learners (read: just a tad stubborn) but yeah, we know and love each other a little better.

I also knew better about what to expect in the recovery. I think that helps a lot. Google can lead you to horror stories, but there’s also some good advice out there. I had terrible shoulder pain from the gas they pumped me up with to do the laparoscopy but I’d already read how walking around does wonders. I forced myself to get up a few times in the night, but it worked.

I am doing really well and feeling a lot better today. This afternoon the kids will be back home so I am super excited to see them. Yesterday we had plans to drive to West Virginia to celebrate a late Christmas with Jen, who came for the weekend from Atlanta. But the icy roads plus the fact that my energy level felt zapped, we decided to stay home. Mike had a lot of studying to do, too, so it was a good decision, but we really missed being there.


I’m so glad they got to spend time with her, though. We miss Aunt Jen like crazy!



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