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This Might Be What You Call an Example of Oversharing.

Thank you for your prayers about the decisions I’m making before surgery. There was a stark difference in how my mind processed information the next day, in comparison to before. I have to contribute that to prayer. Through this entire situation, I’ve sensed God’s voice when I’ve asked others to pray with me.

I wish I blogged about each step in this decision making process, just to tell you how specific prayers were answered. But do you really want to hear about my ovaries?

Of course you do.

No, I’ll spare you and keep this from getting too detailed. A little back story: my doctor had suspected endometriosis a while ago. Sometimes women get this disease when they’ve never been pregnant, like in my case, so you can imagine the emotions that surfaced.

At the time of the first discussion in his office, I had gone through a horrible 12 months of having one medical problem after another. I broke my foot, scratched my cornea (over and over again), had a kidney stone attack, and caught my kitchen on fire because I absent-mindedly put a high chair tray on the burner and left the house with the kids. To play with a puppy. Well, that last one wasn’t medically related, but it’s just one more example of what kind of year 2009 was. It was also the first year of Mike going into full-time ministry.

Dear Anna,

I just called your husband to step out in faith, quit his engineering job, become a youth pastor, and begin his first of 793,000 seminary classes.

Get ready, girl.


p.s. I am with you always.

In the middle of that year, I was having lower left quadrant pain and other FUN issues. One day I specifically remember being on the bathroom floor – scratched cornea, broken foot, throwing up, cramps, and heavy bleeding. The doorbell rang and Mike answered. It was our friend from church bringing a meal for our family. I’ll never forget how I heard God’s voice in my heart at that moment.

I am always with you.

It was a quiet whisper that – by His grace – was a turning point for me.

“He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground, and steadied me as I walked along.” Psalm 40:2 NLT

God was merciful and allowed me to do some more walking before I had to go back to the doctor to revisit the discussion of endometriosis. Each year we’d talk about it but surgery wasn’t mentioned until December, when my sonogram showed a golfball size cyst. He’s going to do some other procedures while I’m under anesthesia, too. Hopefully I will avoid having a hysterectomy but that certainly is something I would ask you to pray about.

I’ll have the surgery on Wednesday at the hospital, but I should be in and out in one day.

Thank you for your prayers!



14 thoughts on “This Might Be What You Call an Example of Oversharing.

  1. I just had the same surgery on the 7th. It was unsuccessful and I have to go see a specialist. I have been debating on blogging about it to at least get my feelings out there and I think I will. I know God is going to do something big in my life and I just don’t know what it is yet. It is going to be cool to look back on our blogs and see what hes done for us. I mean hes done WONDERS in your life.I have read your blog from the first one you’ve posted. I idolize your faith and your constant trust that God is going to come through. He always does I don’t know why I doubt. I will be praying for you. Please pray for me too. ::Hugs::

    1. ugh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I will most definitely pray for you and for your visit to the specialist, and I’m praying for God to give you your heart’s desire to become a mommy. You will be a wonderful mom! The wait is so hard, I know, but Jesus cares about every single hurt you feel. Love you – by the way, I saw your picture in Mini’s album tonight – the one of you and your husband and dogs that you sent Max after he came home from the hospital.

  2. Oh Anna, I’m so sorry for this and ALL that you’ve been dealing with. From far away over here, I didn’t realize all that had happened in one year! Ugh! Doesn’t make all the difference when we hear God’s sweet whisper and know He sees us? I will be praying for you on Wednesday (and between now and then). Love to you. (and, p.s., your reply to the first comment reminded me that I never sent a card like I meant to, to tell Max we were praying for him when he was in the hospital! sigh. Maybe I can get that done before he graduates and leaves home! 😉 )

    1. Valerie, even though we have never met in person you have become such a wonderful friend. Thank you for your prayers. Don’t worry about the card, I had great intentions to make a scrapbook and the cards and photos are still in a big envelope on my desk. One day…

  3. I hate how infertility insecurities and emotions can rear their ugly heads at the worst worst times. 😦 It’s like reliving all the fresh pain over and over again. I’m sorry you have to go through this surgery, I hope you have a speedy recovery!

    1. You get it. Thanks, Maureen. So hard to voice that when I’ve been blessed so much because of it (was going to say in spite but I truly believe God’s plan for us was not second best, it was THE best for us). The emotions are tough, though. Staying strong. Thanks for the encouragement and prayers.

      1. I cried during my sonogram, it brought back many memories of hanging on to hope and dealing with disappointment that happened, gosh, over 13 years ago. But God was there and his plan was beautifully written for us to adopt!!

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