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Tuesday Night Ramblings

1. In my Disney posts I forgot to show you something so cute you might just want to pack your bags right now and take your little girl to Florida so she can be pampered like this.


Assuming you bring Nana and her pedicure set with you.

She is a woman of many, many talents and she had one very satisfied customer.


2. We really had the best vacation. Thumbs up for homeschooling and getting to go away in January. None of us were eager to come back to cold temperatures or getting back to the grind. I certainly wasn’t looking forward to cooking and laundry.

I also had a doctors appointment looming. Before vacation I had been seeing my ob/gyn about some issues (yay). On Monday I went in for another sonogram and it was obvious that surgery was needed to remove a cyst related to endometriosis. I would appreciate your prayers next Wednesday. I have to make some decisions beforehand, so prayers right now would be nice, too.

3. We came back home and needed to hit the ground running with homeschool. We are behind schedule and with my upcoming recovery, we had to take full advantage of our time this week. We both didn’t wanna.

But my semester review was today, so that certainly lit a fire under me.


Actually, I’m grateful it was time for my review. Reviews are very beneficial. My mentor comes over and checks that we’re on track for the year and covering all the subjects needed for Maryland’s requirements. It’s a chance for me to share about any struggles or victories. We’ve had some of both this semester. Deborah is a wonderful listener and cheerleader and gives the best practical advice. My review always comes at the right time.

I also get to show her some of the things Max has done, like projects or artwork. Max is really into making stop motion videos with Legos and he directed a funny skit with the neighbors that he edited and burned on dvd. And she watched them!

His art has really changed this semester. On Sunday nights while Mike and I have youth group, a friend takes care of the kids and he draws with them. Ethan drew this robot guy for Max one week. He loved it and keeps it on his shelf in his room.


It has helped spark an interest in Max to draw things other than stick figures in a bank heist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but can you blame me for wanting some variety?

I usually assign something on Sunday afternoon to be done with Ethan’s help, which I totally count for homeschooling. As a result, I can tell Max concentrates more when he draws for an assignment  during the week.

The picture below is part of a science lesson – he had to create a sea creature.


Anyway, it’s nice to stop and take a look at his work and notice the learning that is taking place.

Here we are, in the middle of our 5th year of homeschooling and loving it. Who woulda thought?


One thought on “Tuesday Night Ramblings

  1. Love the artwork on the little fingers & toes! Ethan’s Robot guy is pretty impressive and Max’s sea creature is really good too!

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