Disney World January 2013

Universal Studios


We still had two full days of amusement in store for us in Orlando. We spent the rest of our vacation with a 2-day pass at Universal Studios and Universal Studios-Islands of Adventure, which are side by side and share the same parking garage.

As Max put it, we were borderline “parked out” so spreading things out over 2 days was a good call. We successfully met our challenge to see and do most of everything (except water rides) but only stayed about 7 hours the first day and 5 hours the second.

Actually, Universal Studios and IOA were quite fun and all of us really enjoyed both parks. There was a good mix of rides for all of us and we loved The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Well, most of us did. I guess it’s not very exciting for the preschool and under crowd.

IMG_0657 - Version 2

We persuaded Max to ride the Forbidden Journey (awesome ride) because he read so many exciting reviews about it. He still had the heebie jeebies about going fast on a ride, though, and this certainly was a fast one. Worry and recollection of what he read tied his stomach in knots as we waited, but his curiosity won. But he rode with his eyes closed.

Sometimes reading too much has a negative side.

He really liked Hogsmeade, however. It doesn’t matter if you have read the books or not (raising hand in shame), the details were very impressive. Max explored all of the stores and told me at least six times that I had to start reading the books so I would truly appreciate everything.


I tell Max that if he could think of a way to make more hours in the day, or figure out how to get laundry folded and dinner on the table without me, I’d sit down and read all 7 million pages.


It looks like he’s working on it.

But first, he’ll drink some Butterbeer.


Actually, I really don’t like books about wizards and spells and whatnot. I’d much rather read something lighter. Like Dr. Seuss.


IMG_0640 IMG_0641

I’ll post more pictures of Day 2 later.


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