Disney World January 2013

Downtown Disney

While being treated to a magical time at Disney World, Mike and I came up with the idea to treat Pops & Nana to a night out on the town. And by a night on the town, I mean we took the kids out and gave them some peace and quiet back at the resort.

I don’t think they minded. I think it was time.

Hey listen. I love my kids more than words can express but after 5 days with them, I understand about how it.is.time.

I found my few minutes of sanity just that afternoon. On the way home from Legoland we stopped by Walmart and somehow I managed to shimmy out the door before I heard Mini’s request to come with me.

Did I just say I found sanity at Walmart?

I must have really been desperate.


Downtown Disney was a nice way to spend an evening, although we did miss Pops & Nana. They are really fun to be with. Funny side story: Max said, “Nana, you are old but you don’t act like it.” She laughed and said that made her feel good. 🙂

Anyway, we were there for a couple of hours. We picked the first restaurant we saw (Pollo Compero), did some shopping at the mega sized Disney $tore, and had fun watching a very energetic DJ leading a dance party for kids.

Max had a blast up front with the kids and wants to show you some of the awesome moves he learned.

After that, we were ready to head back. We were tired and maybe we were just a little cranky. The kids asked for dessert but we said no and reminded them we still had some Oreos in the package back at the hotel (and they better be grateful for those Oreos!).

I think that’s when they realized how much they missed Pops & Nana.


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